Insecurity and Depression

 Hi Gary,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your incredible gift.  I am 51 and have spent years and $$$ on trying to find the answer to my “problems”.  I tried psychologists, counselors, pastors, self help programs, meditation classes, herbal remedies, and medications all to no avail.  NOTHING was lasting.  They were just temporary covers for deep rooted issues that needed to be resolved somehow.  It wasn’t until my depression led me to search the internet, yet again, in hopes of finding the answer to my life long battle with insecurity and depression.
I stumbled upon your program and of course thought it was another dead end for me.  But, I read the page on overcoming insecurity and the light came on!  I was in shock that you were able to put into words exactly what I had been struggling with for 45 years.  It made perfect sense.  I then began reading the entire website and I knew I needed to try the program based on your ability to describe in detail what I was feeling.  I thought if you can define it, hopefully, you can capture it and then control it to the point that it finally dissolves on its own.
Because the cost was so reasonable, I signed up and started the program immediately.  The process was simple, relaxing, thought provoking, emotionally insightful, and perfectly laid out to give each step time to work.  The whole program was presented in a way that allowed me to work in my own space, on my own time, and at a pace that wasn’t overwhelming.  I admit that at times during the 14 weeks I heard myself say “this isn’t working”, “you will always be depressed and insecure”, etc, but I stuck with it because I DID see glimmers of progress and I held on to those.  Slowly but surely things got better and better to the point that now, my insecurity stays in the back seat and I am running to show.
WOW Gary – what an awesome feeling!  YOUR life’s work and your generous giving of time and knowledge have given thousands the ability to gain control of their own happiness.  That gift is priceless!
A million thanks to you and all who have helped you along the way.
PS … I mention your program to friends in need.  I still think possibly it would be worth a try to present it to the military to help with PTSD.  Just a thought…
Sincerely,  LP
This is the link to the article on Insecurity