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If you are on the internet searching for happiness, it is probably because you don’t have it. So in your pursuit of happiness you have landed here. This page isn’t happiness itself, but may be an important step to getting there. I’m going to tell you two things.

#1: Clicking links on web sites is an indirect way to find and feel good emotions

The issue is that you are searching for a feeling along the lines of joy, fulfillment, and peace yet your attention is on internet search links and article copy. It will be difficult for you to find a feeling internally if your attention is on something external. You might have read that #1 and interpreted it as getting to this site is the wrong way to happiness. It’s not. This site is literally Pathway To Happiness (PTH). Those feelings will have to be created, and found within you. Luckily, that’s what PTH guides people to do.Continue reading

There are probably strong reasons you are going about your search this way. It may be that when you look inside you don’t feel happiness. You possibly feel anxiety, depression, grief, anger or numb instead. You are looking for some way to clear up those emotions and get to being happy in your life. I affirm that you are still in the right place, even if you got here by looking externally for an internal feeling.

#2: Landing on this page can absolutely benefit you with greater happiness in your life

At Pathway To Happiness we guide you to focus your attention inward, get rid of the causes of the bad feelings, and find and grow the good feelings of happiness.

From now on please include all the other derivatives of happiness such as joy, gratitude peace, calm, and fulfillment and others under the meaning of happiness. There are different definitions of happiness. There are short lived feelings of happiness you get when you watch a cat video, someone compliments you, or someone just said yes to going out with you. Then there are the deep life fulfilling feelings of satisfaction that you get when you live a meaningful life. You are kind and loving with yourself just as you are and accepting of people in the world in the same loving way. You are aware of hardships and injustices in the world, and you view them with compassion and understanding instead of pity, sadness, anger and injustice. That deep meaningful happiness is the stuff we are talking about here. However, we will take the light enjoyment kind as well. It can coexist without it being superficial.

Now that you are here (on a very big website with a ridiculous amount of content) you can get great insights and practices into getting in touch with the deep meaningful feelings of happiness. We will cover a lot of issues here.

In my 25 years of study, and 20 years of guiding others the three biggest barriers to happiness are:

1. Self Judgment

That critical voice in your head can be a brutal tyrant of self-abuse. If someone else talked to you that way you would likely cut them out of your life. However, getting that Inner Critic of the Judge tamed is a bit trickier. He doesn’t follow evictions notices. However, it can be calmed, tamed, and even eliminated. Even if you don’t get completely rid of him, any progress lessening self-judgment will make everyday of your life more enjoyable. We have several methods to address the issues of this Judge and Victim dynamic in your mind.

2. Unconscious Core Beliefs

You don’t see these beliefs because they operate below your level of awareness. Neuroscience has shown that 95% of your decisions are made in the autopilot system of your unconscious beliefs. This means that almost all your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are being generated automatically. In order to change how you think, feel, and act, you need to access these belief systems and change them. This can be done with straightforward practical practices.

3. Repressed Emotions

You can’t feel those bad emotions if you have buried them. Well at least for a while. What ends up happening is that sometime later in life they come out, usually in unhappy, or even destructive ways. You might have thought you put some past issues, or childhood hardships behind you. You go about your life, become successful, and then in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s emotions seem to come up out of nowhere. You find you are sad, angry, or afraid for no reason. Or, that the amount of emotion is out of proportion and so something doesn’t make sense. What you haven’t dealt with emotionally in the past can be stored in the body for many years. Your conscious mind has tried to have you forget about those things and those feelings. However, the unconscious mind still has all these emotions and memories. It doesn’t have an effective way to deal with large emotions so it keeps venting them out into your world.

If you take these three areas, learn skills to change your beliefs, including the beliefs driving your Judge, and cleanse out your stored emotions you will be a different person living a different life. You might even develop mastery over your life.

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”
– Dumbledore

Of course sometimes that means finding the light switch, connecting the power and screwing in a working light bulb. Three things, and then you can turn the light on.

In getting to greater happiness sometimes we have to go through things we don’t even see coming. You might see some of what your Inner Critic (the Judge) is doing, but not all of it. You likely don’t see 95% of your beliefs, nor do you see where you have stored repressed emotions. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find happiness. It just means that there are some steps to take to getting there. The website isn’t. “One step to happiness.” It’s a process, with practical steps, and a system for getting there. A pathway to changing your mind, emotions, outlook, sense of self, thoughts, and behavior.

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Happiness or misery, that is the question

Both take a similar amount of effort and energy. In which direction will you put in  in the effort and energy.

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