Where Is The Best Place To Start ?

What is the best approach to take advantage of all this material?  It can be a bit daunting once you start looking through the website and you might be wondering where you should start.  So you don’t get lost I’ll cut to the chase and lay out the most forward plan of action for making changes in your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.
Item 1.  Best approach for making changes is to do the Self Mastery Course.  Start with the Free and the Basic series.  You can do them at the same time.  It just means that you are getting sessions once per week for the first month instead of every 2 weeks. These are exercises to practice and what will make a difference.
Item 2.  Listen to the Free Audios suggested with each Self Mastery session.  They will help fill in some understanding.  There are other free audios (podcasts) if you wish, that are helpful, but not as valuable as the doing the practices in the course ( Item 1).  The free audios recommended in the course are most pertinent.
Item 3.  There is lots to read.  Skip the reading and do the exercises in the Self Mastery Audios. (Item 1)     Do the reading later if you wish, but not as valuable as items 1 and 2.
Item 4. If your issues revolve around and are triggered in relationship, consider the Relationship Course.  I’d say start it about the time you get to session 8 in the Self Mastery series.
Item 5.  After the Basic Self Mastery series consider moving on to the Advanced Series or the Relationship Course, and then going back through the Basic Series again for review and refresher work.
Use The Relationship Course if your issues are principally about relationships.
Use the Advanced Series if you are dealing with a lot of judgments or self judgments, or if you find your self ready to begin a new direction in your life.
Hope that helps.