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Self Mastery Course INTRO - free

Intro to your mind and beliefs

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These lessons are free and hosted on our Self Mastery Community platform. No credit card information needed.
Duration: 4 lessons over 4 weeks

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About the free sessions

This free course will introduce you to some valuable techniques for changing emotions and beliefs. In the process you will get deeper awareness of your unconscious mind. Some of the benefits will be:
  • Increased personal power as you are guided through shifting your emotions at will.
  • Awareness of how you hypnotize yourself into preventing change, and how to un-hypnotize yourself by noticing and changing certain thoughts.
  • Heightened awareness of your attention. You will see how your attention is a key skill in changing how you feel, what you think, and how you behave in any moment. With this key you will open doors for personal change.
  • Begin to identify and change limiting beliefs that were unconscious to you. These beliefs run 95% of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. You won’t change all of them in these couple weeks, but you will be introduced to what to look for and how they hide in plain sight. By developing these skills you will be able to apply them to your own specific belief issues.  

This free introduction is a way for you to try the Self Mastery Course and see if it is what you are looking for. If you want to develop a full set of skills for changing your beliefs you can continue with Self Mastery Course 1. It is possible to start the Self Mastery 1 course and do it in parallel to these introductory lessons. 

  • Introduction – available on sign up
  • 01 Gratitude – available on sign up
  • 02 Abdication of power – available one week after lesson 1 
  • 03 Attention – available two weeks after lesson 2
  • 04 Finding neutral – available two weeks after lesson 3

Lessons will be available in your account here at Each lesson contains an intro video, lesson audio (listen on website or download to your device) and notes about the lesson and the exercises. There is a support material section where you can find related content from the blog, podcasts and our YouTube channel that addresses the lesson topic. Some of these support videos and audios are only available to course subscribers.  

There is also a section for commonly asked questions with answers. Just like you see below. 

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(no credit card information needed)

To get access to the course material we need to create an account for you at Self Mastery Community with minimal amount of information. We only ask for your e-mail address and first name. 

We will not sell or share your e-mail address or try to sell you stuff you do not want. That would be bad form. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

Gary van Warmerdam combines the wisdom spiritual traditions have in eliminating suffering with common sense in a way that is both practical and effective. Gary has studied extensively with best selling author of The Four Agreements, Dr. Miguel Ruiz beginning 1994. He co-developed and taught the Four Agreements Facilitators training at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY and the Crossings in Austin Texas. His teachings are based in universal principles of common sense and unconditional love found in all spiritual traditions. Gary leads several intensive events during the year and coaches individual clients. His book, MindWorks, is available in print and in digital formats in numerous places.

Gary has previous professional experience in sales and management in both small and large businesses. He served as a nuclear trained officer in the US Navy and as officer of the deck of an aircraft carrier. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Read more about Gary’s journey and his teachings here

Common questions

Because you are being set up for success. If you had all the lessons at once your mind would be filled with information but you would not have practiced anything yet. 

For change to happen new neural pathways need to be connected and your brain and nervous system re-trained.  That process does not happen with just getting knowledge. 

Reading books is not going to change your emotional patterns. If you are trying to change thoughts, having more information just gives you more to think about in the same way. 

For effectively making the changes you want to make you will need a different approach than just having information. The time in between lessons is for you to do the exercises which will give you time to build habits, new neural pathways, and build your conscious awareness.  You will need this time so new patterns seep down into your unconscious and real lasting change happens. 

Results will happen right away. However, the results your ego mind will hope for are different than what will happen right away.

If you do the gratitude exercise, you may have an immediate feeling of gratitude. You have an immediate result of changing your emotional state using your own attention. 

This may not be the larger result of getting rid of jealousy, anger, or insecurity you are looking for.  In my experience getting an immediate change for a large issue that has been a pattern for years is a misplaced expectations. This course is set up so you build on small manageable changes that you can be successful at. As you build these skills and gather more personal power from the exercises you will make bigger and bigger changes. More importantly they will be permanent. 

So one immediate change you can get immediately is to notice this false belief about “immediate change” and begin to be skeptical of this expectation in your mind. 

You will be getting immediate changes when you practice each exercise. That immediate result is taking you one step closer to your  bigger goal. 

Beliefs in the mind run 95% of emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. When you change beliefs, you can change all three. 

This course specifically targets and trains you how to identify and change beliefs. As you develop these skills for changing beliefs you can apply them to any issue in your life. 

The essential skills you will develop involve changing your perspective, recovering your personal power from a thought, gaining control over your attention,, and learning ways to change your emotions. 

If you can do these skills you will have much greater control over your self, your  life, and anything you want to change.

"Your course has changed my life"

I have shared your website with so many people since I found it. Thank you for leading me to finding the power of now! Your course has changed my life.

Melissa B.
June 2019
"Thank you Gary"

Ten years ago Pathways to Happiness helped me recover from a very traumatic period of my life. I still put people onto the free audio sessions and I hope some of them follow through and sign up for the course. Thanks again!

Marcus K.
November 2018
"Both of us have learned so much"

My partner introduced me to you and both of us have learned so much from you! I really love your work and I wanted to thank you for all the audios you have done and the book you have written!

Christina V
July 2016
"The most important entry point for living in the present"

Your work was maybe the most important entry point for me living in the present. Your podcasts are a source of great insight and it helped me re-frame a lot of things that I used to see as painful.

Dave R
Dec 2013
"My relationships have become healthier and I am happier"

PTH is exactly the process I've been looking for! In a clear and understandable manner. Gary gives precise instructions for the practices in achieving Self Mastery.

Randi R.
June 2016
"His website has been life-changing for me"

I found his website in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep because I was being eaten up by anxiety and a particularly emotionally taxing situation in my personal life. I am now able to stand back from the stories in my head and observe them with a more neutral and rational mindset.

Mere S.
June 2019
Finally! A program that seems to be working.

I have been attempting to change my behavior for many years with little lasting success. Other books and tapes frequently got me excited about change, but ultimately my discipline and motivation to change broke down. I felt like I was in an endless loop of failure. When I listened to Gary's podcasts, I heard something different. He said "self help doesn't work" - boy did I know that. Gary get's to the root of the problem - our core beliefs and how they control our behavior. More importantly, his program (which I purchased) explains these mental processes clearly and how to correct them... how to really change our mind through written and mental exercises. For me it seems like it's been a lifetime, but I'm beginning to see real change... FINALLY. Thanks Gary!

November 2009

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