Spiritual Power Journey to Teotihuacan Mexico

spiritual power journey October 5-12  2024, Teotihuacán Mexico reserve your spot A journey into self-awareness, truth and divine consciousness.  The Experience If you are ready to dissolve your fears, false beliefs, and identification with your mind, and experience unconditional love from which you can create a new life that you love, then join us at the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacán Mexico. Walking in silence in

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Power Journey to Ancient Egypt May 7-17th 2024

Raising your consciousness and levels of unconditional love through the power and energy of temples in Ancient Egypt. This 11 day guided spiritual journey will take you past the limiting beliefs of your mind to feel and embody your Self as Consciousness and Love. Dissolving your fears, false beliefs, and identification with your mind becomes a byproduct of your experience through these ceremonies that initiate and activates your Consciousness.

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Zion Retreat – past event

Nature-Power-Spirit-Self April 23-28th 2023 , Zion National Park Utah reserve your spot Zion National Park is a place of Power, Beauty, and awe inspiring landscape. In this intensive week, it is also where you can awaken those qualities within your Self Taking a contemplative walk under a waterfall, stopping to watch the sunlight sparkle in the droplets and spray. It is a beautiful world you see

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