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For Self Mastery and Emotional Change

If you have realized that:

  1. You want changes in Your Self.
  2. You want to efficiently direct your efforts.
  3. You don’t want to waste your energy or time.
  4. It’s easier to have someone guide you around the pitfalls and wasted efforts of learning from mistakes that could take years.
  5. You are willing to learn skills to change your emotional reactions and behaviors
  6. You know that the fastest way to learn those skills is from someone who is: 
    a) Skilled at living them 
    b) is effective at teaching them to you.

Then you understand the value of having an experienced guide walk you through changing your core beliefs, your emotional reactions and developing a greater conscious awareness. If this is you then it is just a matter of finding the best mentor for you.

 I don’t know anyone who was taught these skills growing up. They are counter-intuitive in many ways. 

You were taught how to follow the rules. You were not taught to bend and break free of your beliefs or habits once they are in your mind. 

If you are interested in getting started with individual coaching, keep reading for instructions, philosophy what is covered and what is not. 

All sessions and material covered is confidential.

Are you new to this website?

Start with getting to know the work by listening to the podcast, read articles and do the free introduction to the Self Mastery Course. There is a lot here to digest for free before you start spending money on individual attention.

1. Before contacting ideally you will do the following. And sometimes we start without completing these steps.

Do the Self Mastery Course I through lesson 7. These fundamentals will need to be covered and the exercises practiced. This will save you money, and prepare you for higher speed changes in coaching sessions.

Also, take time to read some articles on the website, and listen to the free audio. People who get the best results (fastest changes) listen to the audios multiple times. For the courses click the link below.

2. When you are ready to get started

Contact Gary at the by emailing gary (at) this website. 

Once that is confirmed you will need to send four things. The background will help you get clarity and save time finding out about you. It also demonstrates a willingness for you to take action on your own behalf, a requirement I have before working with someone. 

This might be a very specific list, but it might also include some vague things you want to address that you can’t put your finger on. If it is difficult to write a clear set of goals then that’s okay. It might be easier to write down what you don’t want in your life anymore.

Briefly cover the basics of family, relationships, education, and career.  Spend most of the time writing about the emotionally defining experiences of your life. Include your internal thoughts and emotions at these events. Write this bio in the manner explained in Session 5 on Point of View in the Self Mastery course. If you don’t write it in the manner of session 5, you will have to re-write it.  

Send a write up of the assignment from session 7 on Characters. It’s a good background on how you approach, your skills looking inward, and where you are in your investigation of beliefs. 

For us to know what you look like. Its better when the imaginary picture of who we talk to more closely resemble the real thing. 

3. Scheduling and ready for the first call

Once we receive the four items we will set up an appointment that works for both our schedules.

Have some questions and agenda items written down prior to the call. This way you are sure to get some immediate things covered. As most clients are several sessions into the Self Mastery Course, we won’t be up to speed immediately on what your next best step will be. Having your own questions and agenda items speed things along. It also lets us quickly know where you are in certain phases of the process, and what elements to work on.

There are multiple benefits to recording the call.

Apps on your mobile phones,  conference call lines, zoom, and skype services allow recording. Please test this method to ensure it works and so time is not wasted during the call figuring it out.

Why would you want to record the call?

  • You won’t be able to remember everything. There will often be too many points and they may be valuable.
  • If we do an exercise your attention will be engaged and you won’t be able to take notes.
  • If we do an exercise you will have a recording so that you can practice the exercise on your own.
  • If you are taking notes you will be distracted from the conversation and won’t be able to fully pay attention.
  • You may see some of your patterns and habits revealed when you listen to those conversations later
You don’t have to record the call, but it is to your benefit.

Individual Coaching with Gary van Warmerdam

Headshot of Gary van Warmerdam


If you are considering coaching sessions, I ask that you finish listening through session 7 of the Self Mastery Course I. It will cover many of the fundamentals that will be helpful for any coaching sessions. For some people this is not always possible and I understand exceptions. 

Generally between 9am and 7pm Central Time Zone US). Monday through Friday are preferred. But this changes if I am traveling and working from other time zones. I do individual sessions on the weekend when available at a premium charge. I generally book sessions 2 days to 2 weeks out. 

Voice calls over phone, Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom. I will ring you when it’s time for our session.

I charge clients in one of two ways. Either a sliding scale hourly rate or a package of sessions.

Hourly Sliding Scale rate is $200-$500/hr. 
     This may be applicable for an exploratory process that makes it difficult to estimate a time line, or for regular ongoing sessions. 

Coaching packages: Packages are for clients where we have a clear outcome defined that can be achieved with some learned skills. 

  • 2 months for a specific issue (6 sessions)
  • 4 months for a deeper dive into a more complex issue or a general wish for support through the self mastery process (12 sessions) and get you operating with good practices in your life.
  • 10 months for guidance through a complete personal transformation journey

Sessions are generally 75-90 min in length. Email me (gary@  this website)  to set up a free conversation where we explore where you want to go. After that, we decide what package is most fitting and set up the coaching plan.

Coaching Plans include email and allow occasional impromptu phone calls during the month.

Clients will need to work through and work on the Self Mastery practices in the course, or have done so previously. 

Payment is made in advance over PayPal. Paypal accepts credit cards. You can also send by check or cryptocurrency. Contact me for an address.


Yesterday’s session was so great and what unfolded from it is even better. Interviewing my judge and showing him I’m an adult in charge and he can relax and calm down was a major shift. 
Then applying that full circle to having a compassionate conversation with my daughter about her making questionable and harmful decisions as a teenager.
She came to me and told me everything and I was open and could listen and connect. She also acknowledged me by saying I am glad you confronted me about it. She then said I know that is hard being a step-parent. Many of her friend’s stepparents don’t get involved. I was like wow! We had such a healing conversation and I feel our coaching session yesterday helped me get to that place without the judge running the show.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me, Gary. It’s just a reminder for me to keep doing this work and to keep uncovering. I am getting there and it just brings tears of joy. 
With gratitude,
Alexis S.
13 Feb, 2021

Common questions

You must be doing the Self Mastery Course. For the price of one phone session you will get hours of helpful audio,, video, and the fundamental practices that will make your brain work differently. You will have a whole set of tools to work through and change, your mind and emotions. For the money you can’t beat it.

You will also have the benefit of a recording that you can go back to for review. If you have purchased the course you will have saved your self time and money over me covering the same material in a session. 

Since a coaching session usually only covers an hour – 90 min in a week, most of your progress will be made on your own doing the practices. 

Bring your struggles to the coaching sessions and get guidance on how to move past your blocks and resistance. That will help you move faster through other issues. 

Individual coaching allows us to focus on your particular issue with laser precision to make changes in your emotions, thinking, and behavior.  Relationship issues can be tricky and difficult to see the core belief clearly. In an individual session we can take complex issues and work on a small part, or I may guide you out of the whole mess and observe it from the outside with a new perspective that is relaxed and at peace. 

During individual sessions we may share material and do exercises that aren’t on any of the recordings. Individual sessions are tailored to you depending on the specific obstacles in front of you. This includes the following homework practices I will assign in between. 

Another benefit of coaching is that some people are not very motivated to do this work by themselves. Their fears and inner demons put up resistance and obstacles that keep them from making changes. For them it is motivating that there is a phone call on the schedule. It also helps that the phone call can help them identify these issues and walk them around the their obstacles.

Probably one of the biggest benefits of the coaching is that you get the experience of interacting in a relationship where you are accepted completely as you are. It is a safe environment to challenge your fears, inner demons, and self importance. One side benefit of unconditional acceptance is that it exposes and challenges all your self judgments. When you spend time interacting with somebody that doesn’t judge you no matter what, it becomes easier to be skeptical and not believe your own judgments.

If you are seriously motivated to make changes in your life then use the Self Mastery Online Course as a resource to cover the basics of what you need to do. Use the individual coaching sessions to work through issues that get you stuck and guidance on the blocks that you aren’t figuring out fast enough. It’s a whole lot faster having a coach walk you through your own core belief inventory than doing the first one on your own.

People who are unhappy or dis-satisfied in their life, and with a genuine desire to be happier, and a willingness to do the work. 

The coaching covers the full spectrum from the emotional reaction of jealousy, victimhood, and anger to the nature of your relationship with Divine Consciousness. 

You can schedule multiple calls in a week, if available, or every couple months when needed.  

When working with a client during a time of crisis it might be twice a week to keep things on track. More often it is every two weeks so there is time to work on some exercises, see what is discovered, and and revealed. Then with those new insights the next step in the process can be covered on a coaching call. lincoln gets strapped face up and sucked. ultra hot brunette teenie facialized.

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