The Law of Attraction Is Not Enough

Outside Factors that can affect the Law of Attraction

Here is another case of specialized knowledge that affects the law of attraction.  It has to do with outside factors that affect your ability to attract what you want and create abundance.  This is about understanding the world or your personal reality within the frame of the reality of the world.

Suppose you have the intent to become wealthy. You decide to take action by investing the markets. You notice that the price of gold is going up and so you decide to take advantage of the market. Instead of mining for gold yourself, you buy some with dollars. The price of gold continues up and your wealth is increasing. You invest more of your money in the market and even perhaps buy some gold stocks on margin. It looks like your law of attraction efforts are working.

After a while of going up the commodity and precious metal market takes a turn south. The price of gold drops because the central banks of China and Russia both decide to diversify their reserves and start buying Euros.

You hang onto to your gold and continue to focus your attention on being wealthy. However the markets don’t regard your personal reality and continue to tumble according to everyone else ‘s actions and reactions of their reality (and perceptions). In the end you have a lot of gold, but it isn’t worth very much. You might have a lot less money than what you started with.  Remember the Nasdaq of 2000?  No amount of focusing your attention seems to drive price of your stocks or gold up.   No amount of faith in your personal beliefs of abundance seems to get the central banks of Russian and China to buy back gold at such a cheap price. Now your law of attraction that you were so confident in isn’t a law any more.

What happened?   Maybe your belief in the law of attraction wasn’t strong enough to overcome the majority of investors and their belief in a bear market for precious metals. All their belief in their own abundance and personal law of attraction was at your expense. Maybe your belief in the law of attraction doesn’t override the laws of economics as they are currently being played out in the world. Perhaps you were so focused on your personal reality that you created denial about the reality of the world and how it affects you. The idea that you create your own reality is a nice one. Just don ‘t let it fool you into thinking that you are not part of the world.

A person ‘s specialized knowledge in creating abundance has to extend beyond the law of attraction. It has to include the practical understanding of how the world works. In this case that means understanding the cycles of precious metals, currency markets, demand, supply, and the impact central bank policy has on your investments. The more specialized knowledge you have about how this world works, the less likely you will fall into traps of your own illusions of what you believe the markets will do.

So what was the problem and how do you avoid it? Recognize that the law of attraction isn’t a law. Attracting things and people into your life is something you can affect, but not control. Don ‘t lose your attention completely into that belief. Believing completely that attraction is a law sets you up to lose your attention into that dream. The dream can look true for a while, but then the reality of the world changes and that belief now looks like a lie. That ‘s when disillusionment sets in.

Disillusionment happens when the world, or just a person, no longer acts in a manner congruent with your beliefs. Too often we end up hoping for the world to change, or hoping for a person to change. This can lead to a lot of frustration and heartache. If we gain the Self Mastery Course to be aware and flexible in our beliefs, then we can live in a continually changing world and enjoy relationships without painful emotional reactions.