Law of Attraction and Limitations

With all this discussion of the Law of Attraction there is sure to be some confusion and misunderstanding.   The Law of Attraction simply states that you create your own reality. It means that you will attract and create what you focus your attention on.

It sounds simple enough but there are a few other factors at play in the universe that we have to contend with. Because there are other factors affecting what you create, I don’t think we should really call it a law. It might be more accurate to refer to it as Influencing and attracting into your life by focusing your attention. But that’s too long. The point is that we can influence and affect the conditions, but we don’t always have control over them.

If we refer to it as a law of attraction it assumes that we are in control at the steering wheel and there are no other obstacles or drivers out there to affect the outcome. That simply isn’t the case. The universe doesn’t’ live according to each person’s focus. We don’t live in separate realities. However we do live in separate dreams in our imagination. Don’t confuse the personal dream of your imagination with the reality of the world.

When the modified law of attraction works and when it doesn’t is subject to opinion that I might discuss at another time. Right now I want to address two factors that affect creating abundance using these mechanisms. They are the impact of action and the importance of specialized knowledge.

The Law of Action
To really attract what you want you will have to do more than just focus your attention, and believe in it happening. You will also have to take action. You can be completely focused and still not manifest what you want unless you take effective actions. The Law of Action is simply that if you want a different result, then you need to take a different action.

Let’s consider that you want to have more gold in your life. I could use money but I think gold will be more effective in proving my point for now. You meditate every day on having gold. You go about your day completely confident in attracting and having it. You do all the steps that are outlined in various books and programs including creating emotions that are congruent with the scenario you have in your mind.

However, what you don’t do is actually go out and buy gold. You don’t go to a coin shop or even take action and purchase it on the internet. Nor do you purchase a claim of land and start mining or panning for gold. At the end of the year, without actual practical actions you will not have anymore gold than you did a year before.

Focusing your attention and believing in what you are doing will help motivate you to take action. But no amount of focused attention or thinking by itself will make gold appear in your living room without some action. The universe provides, but life also helps those that take action and help themselves.

The Importance of Specialized Knowledge

Let’s say you get the point about action and include it with the law of attraction to create abundance in your life. That is still not enough to effectively create wealth. The second aspect to include in your manifesting process is specialized knowledge.

If you decide to take action and accumulate gold you will need to know how to get it. Perhaps you decide to mine for it. Where do you dig? A geologist is experienced at studying the layers of rock, identifying areas that gold are plentiful, and how much there is. They also drill for core samples and can determine the direction of the vein so the know where to dig next. This is specialized knowledge that saves a lot of time and energy in acquiring gold.

If you are panning for gold, you also need to know where to pan and how to effectively use the pan in the water to separate the gold from the soil. The technique of panning is a kind of specialized knowledge that makes it possible to manifest gold. Taking action with this type of specific knowledge can help you accumulate a lot more gold than feverish action of digging in places that a geologist could easily determine is a waste of time. All of this specialized knowledge applies to investing in real estate and owning your own business as well.

In creating abundance in your life it is helpful to focus your attention and believe in what you are doing. However, by itself that is not enough. You will also need to take action in a manner that is effective. Part of being effective is having specialized knowledge in how a business, industry, or markets and legal systems work.

If you plan to make money in real estate then you had better gain a thorough knowledge of property values and the markets. Without taking effective action that only comes with practical knowledge you can easily end up losing a lot of money. No matter how much faith you have in your law of attraction. Someone else may have just as much faith in their version of the law of attraction and have a better understanding of the markets on their side.