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Tuesday December 31st on the NBC’s Today Show and later on MSNBC about Gary van Warmerdam’s website and coaching. Life coach Gary van Warmerdam shares his perspective on happiness, and what it takes to make changes in your behavior, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

To help you navigate the content of Gary’s Website here are a few areas you can start with:
If you are interested in making changes in your, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or behavior by applying techniques and exercises, you go to the Free Trial sessions of his Self Mastery Course.
Listen  to some of Gary’s free  downloadable audio podcasts.
Watching some of Gary’s Youtube videos on various topics.
Interested in attending one of Gary van Warmerdam’s Retreats.

Or watch these videos to find out more about Gary and his events.


Gary shares briefly about what he focuses on during his retreats.

A negative thought often doesn’t go away just because we wish it would.  That’s because behind that one thought are other beliefs held in our mind.   Watch this video as Gary explains the layers that can hold our negative thoughts together.  When you learn how to identify these layers that were previously hidden to you, getting rid of those negative thoughts becomes possible and easier.


If you are interested in making changes in your life by applying Gary’s techniques and exercises, you should check out the Free Trial sessions of the Self Mastery Course.

Listen  some of Gary’s free  downloadable audio podcasts.  These can also be found on iTunes by searching “happiness” in the “podcast” section.

Or for watching some of Gary’s Youtube videos on various topics. 

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