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Gary van Warmerdam Speaking on Awareness, Emotional Change, the Ego, Happiness, Finding Yourself, Forgiveness, Beliefs and More


What is Awareness?
There is a difference between your mind looking at your mind, and consciousness looking at your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions of your mind.


The Mother You Wish You Had
These are your stories.



The Need for a Clear Mirror:
Distorted Self Image Based on the Story of Others



Free of the Ego 
We build an identity of ourself while growing up. Only to discover later in life that we are not what we think or believe we are.



The Victim Part of the Ego and Beliefs of "Not Being Good Enough"  
We may want to get rid of it, but it doesn't necessarily want to go easily.



Gary van Warmerdam's Retreat to Zion National Park 
When we are done being a "success" and collecting material things, we then go looking for emotional fulfillment. It's a feeling we are seeking. I call that feeling happiness.


Forgiveness and Compassion
When you don't judge and reject anymore you'll have acceptance and peace. 



Emotional Change and Extinction Burst of Beliefs 
You can't measure progress by how you feel. Sometimes finding a false belief is painful emotionally, and yet it is progress.



Don't Take Anything Personally 
One of the Four Agreements that many people find difficult to keep. Taking something personally is a clue that you have made assumptions and expressed something less than Impeccable.



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