Changing Limiting Beliefs – How Long Does It Take?

Changing Limiting Beliefs – How Long Does It Take?

How long will it take?” they ask.

That’s often the question as one is working through their issues of limiting beliefs, fears, emotional reactions, or sabotaging behaviors.  Always the question, “How long will it take?”

It’s difficult to answer because it depends on many factors.  Sometimes the issue is simple, like a case of jealousy.  Other times a person is working to change a life long pattern of victimization and judgment filled with emotions of resentment and anger.   If that is behind a reaction of jealousy, then it will take them a bit longer as the belief structure has built up over more years and is larger.

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How much time and energy are you giving this change?

Then there is the factor of how much time and energy you direct to the matter of change.  If you do ten minutes a day, it might take ten years.  But if you do an average of an hour a day of practices, it might only take a year.  How did doing six times the work cut down the length of time by a factor of 10?  It’s because at 10 minutes a day of change you still have 15 hrs and 50 min of your waking day reinforcing old patterns.  At an hour a day of the awareness work you have almost an hour less of reinforcement.  Not only are you doing more new healthy actions, but you are doing less of the emotionally unhealthy behaviors.

So how long will it take?  It will take a certain number of hours.  You can put those hours in early and be done sooner, or you can do just a few minutes a day of change work and have it take many years.

Changing limiting beliefs is a learned skill.

It’s like learning to read, dance, fly an airplane, or play a musical instrument.  All of these things will take a certain number of hours before you reach a level.  If you want to go further and master more emotional skills and more of your beliefs, it will take more hours.  The critical way to measure how long it will take is by how many hours you spend practicing, not the days or weeks of the process.  If it takes 100 hours to break through a set of limiting beliefs you can do it in 5 weeks, or you can do it in 5 years.   Either way it will take you the same number of hours.

So to answer the question about, “How long will it take before I see the changes I want?”

The answer is a certain number of hours. The sooner you get started with the Self Mastery practices, the sooner you will see those changes.