Persistence and Resistance

There might be simple rules or edicts to follow to be happy, but sometimes following them ain’t that easy.  When we struggle to follow simple rules of happiness it is because fear and false beliefs pull us off track and into an emotional ditch of misery.  It’s easy to say the words, “keep on the path,” it’s another thing to do it.

To overcome how our mind sabotages our happiness takes persistence.  Here’s an Podcast interview from one of the most persistent people I know doing inner personal work.

If it was just about following simple rules, then we could give someone a car and just tell them a few simple rules and they would be safe drivers.  A car may not be as dangerous as your mind, but if handled improperly or not paid attention to, your mind can certainly run you into an emotional ditch of misery.

And what if your car is out of alignment?  It’s much more work to keep it driving straight.  How about a flat tire, a leaky radiator that causes it to overheat, or worn out brakes so it doesn’t always stop when we want.  Our mind has an ego, fears, and false beliefs.  These things keep it from working happily and obeying simple rules.  When that happens it helps to address these false beliefs so it gets tuned up.  Staying on your path to happiness sometimes means noticing when and how things aren’t working right and getting proper maintenance done.

And sometimes your ego and false beliefs will resist our attempts at tuning up our mind and emotions.  That’s just part of the path to happiness.

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