Good Things to Say

Greetings Gary,

I approach you with a curious question: Have you ever made any sort of “list of approved things to say”?…

After listening to a few of your sessions and reading some books I started to develop a “theory” that there are a number of words/sentences/responses/questions that would be impeccable/true/aplicable/ in any/most situations during a conversation.

I figured that if there are words that “should” never be said :p … Then there “should” be those thay are “always” acceptable. (I hope I was able to comunicate the inside joke in that sentence).

Anyways, I just wanted to share that thought with you, I found it to be an interesting/fun/useful idea.

Thanks :)  BT

Hi BT,

yes,,, I got the joke in the question.  Good use of “quotations”.  Odd that quotations would be used to represent a way of saying something that means exactly opposite as what is said.  But I digress.
And yes,, a useful idea.  And even more interesting as a practice.  Perhaps,
I love you.
I love myself no matter what.
I accept life as it is.
 We might use these to start our list.
But perhaps sometimes it is appropriate to only say these things to our selves.  Sometimes if someone else is in a big victim belief, even saying that we accept them and love them, can be cause for them to react.  They will mis-interpret it to be condescending or who knows what.   So there is always an expression of kindness, acceptance, respect, and love that is appropriate, but we might not say it out loud.  Sometimes it is expressed most clearly with silence instead of words.
Good question.
For more on understanding the joke, you’ll probably need to listen to the session on Trigger Words or Banned Words from the Self Mastery Course where I outline some emotionally dangerous words to avoid and why.