Trapped in the Ego


I started the (Self Mastery) course a few months back. Today I sat down and envisioned myself in the last situation through which I had so much jealousy, anger, bitterness and resentment. I was telling my story, when I got to the end I could still see my virtual self at the end of my story and I started to open my eyes when I realized that my virtual self was looking at something that I hadn’t seen before.

She was in front of a cage, with bars all around it like a cell. Inside, it was sparse and cold but she recognized it somehow. It was where she had lived, where she had been comfortable and safe for so many years.  Each bar represented a bar for anger, a bar for mistrust, a bar for jealousy, for hate and all the negative emotions that she had surrounded herself with. These bars had protected her, because it was comfortable and too scary to open up the cell and step outside. She was miserable, but there was comfort in her misery.   It was scarier to open the cell and walk outside. As an observer, I was thinking, “those bars will take a hacksaw and years to take down”, but my virtual image kept looking at the bars, and she saw them softening and beginning to melt. Then I noticed she was looking at the cell from the outside.

Thank you for sharing these pathways, that will be a guide to find my own way, and continue my journey outside that cage.



The virtual self is an the ego. It can encompass many aspects of our personality and drive our emotions, often unpleasant.  The ego can hold us in a cage of that virtual self.  It has bars made of beliefs as diverse as righteous anger, and feeling powerless of our sadness.  The ego is constructed from the beliefs we have about our self, thus creating a false identity held virtually in the mind.

The ego is sometimes referred to as our shadow.
The ego is sometimes referred to as our shadow