Power over your Emotions

Losing Control to Your Emotions

Why do we lose control to our emotional reactions?  We have put so much into our beliefs that they are powerful and generate a lot of emotions.  The power we put in them is faith.  Not the religious type of faith, but rather a personal power of faith. Every one has it.  Some invest it in scientific principles, that our car will be where we left it, that the plane we are getting on will fly safely, and that that other driver will obey the rules of the road. We also put it in expectations of others, how we should be, and fears of what might happen.

When you put that power of faith in thoughts like:

“If they leave me I will be devastated,” we create fear.

“If they cheat on me it means I’m not good enough,” it creates unworthiness.

“What they are doing is unfair,” it can create anger.

When you invest a lot of faith in those beliefs they become powerful emotional forces that then drive us to emotional misery and destructive behaviors.  Then those beliefs, with their emotions, consume our mind and we seem to sometimes lose control to them.  When that happens we seem to be powerless and the emotional reactions from these beliefs seem powerful.

But that’s not the case.  You see, we created these beliefs and emotional reactions.  It’s our personal power that made them so strong.  When you realize that, it just becomes a matter of getting your power back.  You were the one that was powerful all along. It’s just that you stored so much of it in those false beliefs.

If it at times we feel powerless to change these emotional reactions that overwhelm us, that is only because we have spent so much of our energy making them so big.  We aren’t powerless at all.  We’ve just spent so much of our power building these beliefs that we have very little left to defend our selves against them.  If you feel that your emotional reactions are overwhelming, let that be a clue to your power and ability to create.  With time and practice you can recover this power back and use it for your happiness.