The Possibility of Happiness and a Quiet Mind

What’s possible in the realm of happiness and quieting your mind?

I come across many people who assume that the level of mastery they have over their emotions and beliefs is the limit of what is possible.

If a person gets angry and says, “That’s just the way I am,” they assume everyone else will react the same way.

If a person has an emotional reaction and they are able to shift their point of view later and dissolve the emotion.   Then they think that’s normal and all that can be done.    The idea of a person NOT reacting at all isn’t real.  Just fiction.  “Nobody can do that.  They are just repressing their emotions.”

For the person who has lots of ongoing chatter in their mind (the Spanish word is mitote) they dismiss the possibility of anybody having a quiet mind. They haven’t experienced it in their mind, they haven’t imagined it, and so it isn’t possible.  The basic assumption is that what goes on in our mind is what goes on in everyone’s mind.

If you haven’t accomplished quieting your mind or being calm with your emotions during life’s challenges then it is difficult to imagine doing it.  After all,,, that’s where it takes place,,, in the imagination.

There’s even a bit of self importance that resists the idea that more could be done than what you are doing.   There’s probably going to be an emotionally painful self judgment if you really admit that others have developed these skills and you haven’t yet.  So in order to avoid this painful self judgment that might ensue,,,, we avoid imagining what is possible in terms of peace and quiet in our mind and happiness in our relationships.

Our mind through its resistance literally dismisses the possibility of a happier and more enjoyable emotional state before we even consider it is possible.

That’s a pretty limiting assumption behind that fear based belief.

It’s odd because we can imagine someone making a hole in one in golf or a half court shot in basketball because we might have seen it done.  But you can’t see into another person’s emotional state or hear the quietness of their mind very well.  You can only imagine it with your own mind and experience your own emotions.  This is very limiting perception.   To go further you are going to have to perceive beyond what your current beliefs tell you.

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