Daniel kahneman: on Happiness from Memories and Happiness from Experience

Daniel Kahneman complicates and clarifies happiness.

One of Daniel’s positions is that much of our happiness about an experience is from our memory of that experience.  Daniel address that this memory is subjective as it is determined by our story of our experiences.  What he doesn’t point out, and what I think is worth exploring,  is that our stories are changeable.   If our stories are our version of memories, and our memories have emotional happiness related to them, then we can consciously change our story of our past experiences and thereby change how we feel.  We don’t even have to change the facts of our story, but only the interpretation of the experience so that we emphasize different points and have different conclusions.   We can’t change the facts of our experiences but we can change interpretations and stories and in that way we can change how happy we are.