The Abstract Concept of Time

The Concept Of Time

The concept of time begins with awareness and consciousness

Become aware of consciousness or get lost in conceptual ideas of time and events. From the perspective of consciousness, maybe time doesn’t exist other than as a concept in the mind.

The problem with creating conceptual models of time is that we end up understanding our conceptual diagram and misunderstand time.

Before we begin, let’s remove “the concept of time”

If you are going to discuss time then I think we should begin by first subtracting out the abstract concepts in the mind.

  • Remove all references to clocks, days, years, and even past and future.

  • Thoughts of past and future are conceptual ideas that exist in the mind. They are ideas that filter and distort our understanding of true time. Until you eliminate these paradigms from your mind you are essentially looking at something with glasses on that distort what you see.

What we are left with is events and experiences of creation with no reference to their past or expectation of the future. We are in the present moment. It’s a big place, but in spite of this difficult to find and stay in. The world we observe is spinning and revolving planets that create night and day and none of the conceptual ideas about their sequence.

Understanding the concept of time

If we are going to understand time we will also need to be aware of how we understand it as well. What is the mechanism that we use to observe and understand it with? What are the eyes that sense the light of day and darkness of night? What is the mind that will construct a communication for the description? What are words that become the metaphorical meaning of time? We must be clear about these things that are tools of communication so that we don’t get lost in the mechanism of the mind and the conceptual ideas on the way to truth.

More importantly what is consciousness that is observing the words and the conceptual ideas of the mind? Without an understanding of consciousness that is perceiving time and events how will we know if our understanding is distorted or not? Who is the conscious observer of this conceptual entity called time.

How is it that with the shift in a point of view the observer can change its perspective of a moment and make it seem like an eternity? How do we fit this variable of changing perspective of the observer into the model as we seek to understand truth?