Self Mastery Review

Periodically I get appreciative emails from people telling how the Self Mastery course has helped change their life. I don’t usually post them, but here is one of them. Your individual results will vary.

Hi Gary

First, let me express my gratitude to you for sharing your leanings.

10 months ago I found your lessons.  I had been diagnosed with depression 8 years before and been on medication the whole time. I also was told I had anxiety since about 10 years of age too.

I am happy to say, they have both disappeared and my experience of each day is mostly absent from any personal drama.

I don’t experience a rampant mind anymore and am able to employ one of the tools when annoying thoughts do come.

I wasn’t able to get past the building my new dream lesson in the Advanced Series yet and am going back to try again. While I perceive most of my experience now as neutral, I can see I need to get past neutral.

If you can offer any further help, I would appreciate it. I think I need to inventory selfishness, as you said, but struggled with that too. Mind you, I was able to write over 300 notes during the deconstruction phase. I excelled at that.

I would not have believed that it was possible to undo 59 years of nervous behaviour, but I have. Thanks.

It is difficult to describe in words the dramatic change I have and now experience.

I would like to share a 2 parts of my journey that have had a significant impact for me.

 I started your course about Oct 2014 and had been on antidepressants for 8 years. I woke up every morning with my highest priority to make sure I took the tablets. I only missed one day in 8 years. I had also suffered with anxiety since I was young (about 10 I think).

After a couple of months of doing your course I woke up one morning and couldn’t figure out why I was taking tablets, so I stopped and haven’t taken one since (this was about 8 months ago).

It was not because I convinced myself that I didn’t need them. I just couldn’t see the reason why I should be taking them. For 8 years I always had a reason, either I believed they were treating the symptoms of my depression & anxiety or I knew the impacts of the discontinuance of them.


This epiphany occurred about a month ago.

Apart from numerous epiphanies over the duration of the course, there is one stand out change for me I wanted to share.

While anxiety is no longer an occurrence for me, there were times when I felt anxious. I noticed what my mind does when this occurred.

I felt anxious and my first thoughts were ‘why’, ‘what is causing this’? and I immediately and instantly hunted and could attribute any number of reasons why, then I started thinking though each scenario with the intent of solving or resolving the issues. This negative thinking doesn’t stop and in the mean time other life situations were occurring (now perceived as negative) and they get added into the existing ones. Oh no! I was now experiencing anxiety, as I know it, perpetual, obsessive and dominating all my thoughts.  Once I realised how I did this, I was able to stop the hunting process and not embark on the campaign to find the reasons or causes. Instantly the anxiousness abated.

It became obvious that I was doing this to myself by thinking. I was feeding my initial anxious feeling by having more thoughts about it and growing it into a healthy, happy anxiety baby. Now, I don’t seem get those anxious feelings, not that I notice anyway. These types of ‘moments of clarity’ just seem to keep coming.

PS after listening to your audios so much your voice is almost as familiar in my head as my own. lol

With my gratitude


Your individual experience with results will vary.  I will emphasize that Max wrote over three hundred pages.  Granted, he did that over a year so it only turns out to be about one page a day.  But in my experience with clients it is that kind of regular practice that produces these kinds of results. You can sign into the Self Mastery course and start with the free exercises.