Noticing Resistance and Measuring Progress

Resistance and Progress

One of the clues that inroads are being made on your belief system and emotions is when the Judge and Victim really complain about this work.  They will tell you things like it isn’t working and it is a waste of time one day.  The next day they will say that you aren’t doing it enough and because of that you are a failure.  That’s an effort on their part to get you to quit.   These are completely opposite stories that contradict themselves, but the Judge and Victim don’t seem to notice the flaws in their logic.

The first assumes that the course is a waste and that you have better things to do with your time.  The second is that the material is really worthy, but since you aren’t doing it, then you are a waste and shouldn’t even bother trying.  Interesting when you start seeing this stuff contradicting itself, but you have to look for it.

So when it comes to measuring progress and noticing resistance, you might listen to what the Judge and Victim characters have to say on the matter, and assume that the exact opposite is happening.  That might be closer to the truth.

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