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There are many programs and organizations that describe what they do as empowering people. Empowerment of people might even be in their mission statement. This is common language among personal development and personal growth organizations. The idea is appealing, and the organizations probably do good work. However be aware that there is a hidden sabotaging message behind the symbolic offer to empower you.If an organization is going to empower you to take charge of your life they are saying the complete opposite. There is hidden suggestion that you do not yet have this power. It is something that you will get from them. It implies that you are dependent on that organization or program to receive this power. The hidden meaning that you are without power is a dis-empowering message being planted in your mind.If someone tells you that they can empower or enable you it plants the idea in your mind that you are currently powerless. This subtle idea can shift your self image so that you see yourself as a person that needs help from outside. While you may benefit from applying the tools and techniques being offered, the powerless self image is detrimental.

Without awareness you can become hypnotized by the powerless meanings and images within symbols of words. This might be an effective marketing technique as it makes organizations services more appealing when a person is in a mindset of feeling powerless. However I doubt that organizations have the awareness of these subtle messages they are sending. If they did they would likely shift their language.

The truth is that every person has extraordinary power. It is what they do with it that is dis-empowering. Many people invest the power of their belief in conceptual ideas that they are unworthy, unlovable or trapped in some area of their life. If a person puts the power of their belief into the idea that they can’t change something then it will be true for them. In this way people use their extraordinary power of belief to hypnotize themselves into being powerless.

Even people that act as victims and feel depressed about their life are incredibly powerful. It is an act of power to invest so much belief in stories of poor self image that generate emotions of depression. Just the energy that it takes to generate emotions is an incredible amount of power.

People don’t need to be empowered. They already have plenty of it. What many people don’t have is awareness of how they use their power. Nor do they have effective techniques to unhook their attention from self hypnotic stories of powerlessness and create a new self image.

One of he most empowering things people can do is to un-hypnotize themselves from these limiting beliefs.

The mind can work at subtle yet powerful levels. Be wary of when someone offers to empower you. Be watchful that you don’t assume to be powerless over your life when someone offers to empower you. You may benefit from programs, tools, and techniques, but not because they gave you something you didn’t have, but because you used the technique to do something for yourself.

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