Releasing Anger and Other Unwanted Emotions

Exercise and Practice for Letting Go of Emotions

Releasing emotions, including anger, in a healthy way is an important part of the personal change process. My Basic and Advanced Self Mastery series address changing false beliefs in a very thorough way. The Relationship Course addresses specific beliefs and patterns that negatively affect them.

In this first audio I provide an essential practice for releasing negative and unwanted emotions. These emotions are often repressed or suppressed until they build up in pressure and become outbursts at inappropriate moments. Usually in a destructive way to our closest relationships. In other cases we've not learned to release them at all, so when we begin feeling strong emotions our conditioned response is to shut down, become quiet, and non-expressive. This can be equally destructive to our relationships as we withdraw and leave our partners feeling isolated and abandoned.

In this audio I provide a step by step method to get in touch with your emotions in a healthy way and release the. This reduces their intensity and magnitude. By having the audio download you will have access to the guided process on your phone, mp3 device, car, or anywhere when you need it. With some practice you will be able to process and release these emotions on your own.

You can purchase the single 43 minute audio for $15.

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I hope to build on this session and address all aspects of emotional well being through a series of audios in the future.

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Created by Gary van Warmerdam


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