#14: Free will

The Awareness and Consciousness Podcasts with Gary van Warmerdam
Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#14: Free will

Do you have free will? Is there even such a thing as free will? It is true that we are to some degree products of our environment. Our minds get filled with ideas, beliefs and emotional patterns as we grow up. We are socialized to become a collection of habits and behavior that correspond to the culture we grew up in.

Just how much does this make us live by an automatic program and how much of our own free choice remains? More importantly, can you regain your ability to choose and recover your personal will power so you can choose to be happy.

In this podcast I explore what free will is and whether a person has it. I also identify how people often delude themselves with the idea that they have free will.

For a quick measurement of your free will pick an emotion of happiness, gratitude, joy, or any other emotional state based in love. Then decide how long you want to feel that way. I suggest starting with a short period of time like one day. When you have an emotional reaction you will have either lost control over your choice, or lost control over your will power.

If you are going to recover your free will you are going to first have to admit when you don’t have it. This is a humbling step. However it is those with humility that shall inherit a new world of power.

For more on steps to take to recover and develop will power and create happiness in your life, download and listen to the free sessions in the Self Mastery Audio Program.