What Are You Saying

I was sharing with my friend, the observation that words have lost their meaning.  By that I mean that they have lost their power.  People are inundated with

Words to read on the internet, blogs, books, and magazines articles,
Talk from the news, friends, parents, radio, television, and their own chatter
Thoughts from the different voices in their head with conflicting points of view

Their mind is filled to the degree that it has become a world of white noise. The screen is so busy that very little of what people listen to or read changes their life.

When any real wisdom with the potential for life changing realizations gets through, they give it so little attention that it has no more impact than a quick blip on the corner of the screen.

She pointed out that it didn’t sound like words had lost their meaning or power. To her it sounded like people had lost their ability to listen.

I heard her.