Self Mastery – Course Feedback

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop on Saturday.  I did not come
expecting an epiphany, but there it was.

The course has been helping, in ways that are dramatic when I read my
journal, but they seem subtle at the time.  My relationship with my husband
has changed a lot, and again, I wasn’t expecting that.  There are a lot of
little changes in areas I haven’t been “working on,” which has really
surprised me.

This is a difficult time for me, and the course has been a lifeline.  I am
so grateful for it.


Hi Gary
This is Nate from Maryland, I just purchased the Advanced series, but I still go back and listen to other audio.
My life is different now I feel it, and see the world differently. Your program works, thank you for this wonderful journey.


Hi Gary

Your course is the best thing I’ve ever done , its changed my life . The awareness has given me a split second of time to react in , something i never had before .

Thank you Alan




Well, this course is about the only thing that has really helped me. I’ve gone through my share in life, and am still facing struggles today. I’ve tried counseling, marriage counseling, drug therapy, and the results either never came or didn’t last.

This unique approach to separating yourself from these false agreements we’ve developed over the years, and playing the role of observer has allowed me to keep my reactions to situations level and clear.

Practicing the principles allow the new actions to become automatic, while still being able to recognize when the judge or victim are in control. I really appreciate the time and effort you have spent to master these techniques and to make these principles available to people.


Greg Denver CO



I have looked for a long time for someone who would do more than describe the water to a drowning man and am very happy to have found you website . I have listened to both the sessions and the smaller podcasts and – perhaps because I am ready to face certain things and make the necessary changes – have enjoyed them and benefited immediately.

I’ve heard it said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear – little did I imagine finding it on the internet! Thank you for taking the time and trouble to make this material available.



Dear Gary,

This has been such a productive journey for me since February this year. I have managed to clean up many false agreements and beliefs. Your program is truly beneficial. I admire the work you have done to formulate the step by step sessions. This is a fact, not flattery!

As I have been going through this process, I find myself telling others about it and recommending your website.

A. G. Vancouver, Canada


Dear Gary,
Since I was very young, my parents had exposed me to so many different forms of self help,and therapy, hence my fear of organizations. Though she meant well, I would honestly feel that it caused me allot of needless suffering. Instead of being happy I just ended up with a false image of myself. Over time more and more of these images added up until I just couldn’t stand myself.
Now I have been practicing 5 of the standard exercises and immediately I am astounded. Before I started the exercises, I thought I was losing my mind and couldn’t figure out why. I never realized before what was making me so crazy until I stepped out of my current point of view and saw the endless chit chat of countless emotions.
It’s as if one second I feel great then all of sudden within the same short moment I feel terrible, then afraid then angry then euphoric. It dawned on me last week that these were all a result of external events. Today I noticed something even more interesting. I had images of myself that actually conflicted with themselves and there were lots of them. How can I be this if I am that? Etc… No wonder I have been losing my mind.
Today I reached a point where I was noticing how many times the voices in my head were at it, and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was like watching a conversation between the mentally challenged where one person says something, the other one responds and then they start the same conversation all over again as if it were the first time ever. LOL this goes on non-stop.
Not that I see myself that way but what you offer is something real for a change. I feel a new found sense of freedom. I don’t have to live like that anymore. Without the painful turmoil of the love myself hate myself cycle, I can finally sit back and breathe for a change. In fact I can finally say goodbye to all that destructive self help stuff for good! Thank god! It just takes up so much of my time anyways.
Though this may come across maybe a little optimistic, I think I can say with certainty, “It all ends here”. I think I would go so far as to say I feel as if my childlike innocence is returning. I am truly blessed. Thank you for that.

Love, Terra. P.



Mr. Van Warmerdam,

I wanted to thank you for the session on failures and success (from the Advanced Series). I watched a movie today with a scene of two people talking about failures, and I just sort of laughed because I had just listened to the session.

Anyway, This morning something else very interesting happened. My mind had a chance to go to jealousy and fear. At first it did and I believed I was upset.

Then I saw something very interesting. I was skiing down a steep slope and about to hit a rock when I suddenly skied around the rock and then around another one. These rocks, I believe, were my fear I kept running into and tumbling over. This time though, I continued to ski around them.

It was a very exciting picture, and I suddenly felt a little more aware and a more like an observer watching myself ski.

Thanks again, Ben H.


I’ve just listened to sessions 6 and finally I am beginning to trust

the process :-)


I think up till now I was getting bogged down by the vastness of all this – I could see all the things I was doing and it just seemed too much to change it all – I didn’t know where to begin and I judged myself for that, but this session spoke to everything that has been going on in my head. Knowing that at this point I don’t have to change it, that I just have to accept it is a really freeing feeling.

Up till now I haven’t been able to really describe what I was beginning to feel – but it seems to be that over the last week a tension has been building – and now I see that I think that tension is coming from the fact that I see how I want things to be and that doesn’t fit with how things are – the tension has been building because I have been judging myself for not being able to get on top of this and solve it all at once, and now knowing that I’m where I should be in the process I can feel that I can begin to let the tension go.

Although I “knew” that before – I now feel like I’m really beginning to “know” it ….. if you know what I mean :-)

It sounds strange but just knowing that at this point I can accept that I have a big judge and some not very helpful core beliefs but that I don’t have to “fix it” yet is like having a weight lifted.

Once again thank-you for your wisdom and patience.

Antoinette P.