#75 Relationship Connection – The Struggle

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#75 Relationship Connection - The Struggle

I gathered all sorts of habits and false beliefs in my childhood that later led to disconnection, disappointment, frustration, and heartbreak in a relationship.

One example was from the fairy tales and movies growing up. They painted a picture of “happily ever after” into my brain. Once you meet the right person, it goes seamlessly to “happily” ever after.” But, unfortunately, those stories planted a false paradigm that set me up for disappointment later.

I got into this “inner work” because I was struggling and unhappy in my relationships. I think a lot of people do. Even if their relationships are “good,” they may not feel good in them. Sometimes a “great relationship” brings up our inner fears, insecurities, jealousy, and other sabotaging emotions and behaviors.

When you are balanced on the inside with yourself, and you are balanced externally in emotionally connected and supported relationships, life is so much more enjoyable.

But we don’t show up with that in our life, at least I didn’t. So I had to work for it, both internally and in my external personal relationships. I had to figure out how to be connected with myself and how to connect with others.

This was not intuitively obvious. I didn’t have great relationships modeled for me. I had a good relationship model from my parents, but it was a 1950’s culture and traditional roles. Those didn’t work for me, so I had to work at it a system that did. I also had to “unlearn” the paradigms I had built in my subconscious patterns. What might those be? One was relating to adults as a child, for instance.

In this podcast episode, I join Eva Beronius from the “Uncover You” podcast to talk about the feeling of disconnection and struggles in relationships and map out when and where they happen. We identify how the ego and false beliefs play into those patterns that lead to feeling not seen, not heard, abandoned, alone, disconnected, unwanted, even when you are with someone.

And be sure to catch the next two episodes in this series because we will also discuss how and bring yourself and your relationship into connection and feeling whole.

“Relationships are the last bastion of emotional drama in the Dream of Maya” – one of my teachers, Bernadette Vigil.

If you can figure those out, then you are on your way to a happy life.

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