#65 Beliefs I’m Broken and Unlovable that Produce Shame

The Awareness and Consciousness Podcasts with Gary van Warmerdam
Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#65 Beliefs I'm Broken and Unlovable that Produce Shame

“I’m broken,  I’m not lovable,  Something is wrong with me,  I’m not good enough.”

These are the narrative stories of thoughts that generate shame. Except it isn’t the thought that creates the emotion. It is the core belief that is carrying the shame. That belief generates  thoughts and adds more emotion and thoughts. It is a belief that isn’t true.

Then why would you ever come to believe those things about yourself?  And why, years later, would you still have your mind running with those thoughts when you intellectually know they aren’t true anymore?  Here are some answers that help with those questions in this episode.

If you can remember back far enough, and I have clients that do, they recall who they were before they ever believed something was wrong with them. That sense of ourselves as whole, complete, loved, loving, and just fine the way we are is a sense of ourself that we seek within. It’s there. It’s in everyone. It’s in you.

It’s underneath the layers of narrative false beliefs our mind tells us. Cutting through those false beliefs to get to your authentic self is what the Self Mastery courses are about.