#60 Emotional Wounds and Relationship Baggage

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#60 Emotional Wounds and Relationship Baggage

What are emotional wounds? Why do we carry our relationship baggage to the next partner? The conditioning in our emotions and nervous system may have us thinking that our mind is there to cause us pain and problems. While the mind may be replaying past pains and giving us problems, that’s not what it is trying to do. It is actually trying to operate as a warning system preventing us from getting hurt. The problem is that the emotional warning system isn’t working correctly. The good news is that it can be changed.

Memory is powerful when it comes to emotions. When those memories are stored they replay by associations. Certain signals can trigger our alarm system about things that could be great, or that could hurt. By the time we are adults we have all experienced heartbreak, betrayal, feelings of rejection, and shame. Our mind has developed associations to emotional pain and jumps to those pains too easily.

If we have been cheated on in the past, we are more likely to imagine and project that our current partner or every future partner will cheat on us. This is our mind giving us information based on the past about what to avoid about the future. It gives us this information at an emotional and nervous system level, even if our intellect knows that our current partner is not like our past partner. Our emotional alarm system lives in the past pattern of pain.

The two products I recommend to clean out your emotional wounds and reprogram your mind are:
1. The Self Mastery Course
2. The Recapitulation Practices.
Both of these processes work to address repressed and stored emotions from our past that form emotional wounds in different ways. Both processes also address the faith and beliefs that hold the emotions in place. You can try one, or both systems and combine the approaches for a more comprehensive system in healing your emotional wounds.