Love Is A Mystery

I was at a friends wedding recently and asked to share some words at their ceremony.  I was inspired by the love and beauty of the preparations, and their devotion to each other and put together the following.  


Love is a mystery to me.

And yet, Love may very well be the best thing we do.

Love doesn’t make any sense.  It doesn’t cause us to think logically. It actually causes the logical part of our mind to be confused and calls that force of love crazy. It’s okay to be a crazy and illogical when it comes to love.  The world isn’t a logical rational place anyways.  Be a little crazy for love. It may very well be the best thing we do.

Love is a mystery, a paradox, a puzzling experience.

At times love is inspirational. It inspires us to declare, commit, and serve.

At times Love is an accident.  Sometimes you don’t see it coming and you fall right in, happily.

Love is a dream. There is nothing tangible to prove it exists.

Love is a force.  It moves us to take bold actions and do great things.

Love can be like driving a car. Sometimes it is easy and you know where you are going. Sometimes you get lost, stuck in traffic, and have to detour while you learn your way.

Love is a garden.   You have to keep taking out the weeds that try to grow there.

Love is art

Love is art in the medium of emotion.

Love is an expression of beautiful emotions.

Love inspires us to pleasure and enjoyment.

Love makes for great works of art.

Love can also be conscious.

The love here today is not an accident.  Love like this is intent-full, purposeful, and because of that palpable.  It is not created by accident but by each of us.  Love is not only one of God’s creations, it is one of our human creations.  And love may very well be the best thing we do.

You find love infused in the creation of food, music, paintings, gardening, work, and relationships of respect and appreciation. You can see the traces of love here in the garden, the table linens, the clothes, the lighting, the food, wine, and all the preparations.

Love is a practice. Like any art, love takes practice.  To get better at it you will do your best by working at it every day. The practice of love takes time and attention.   Make time for love.  Make time to give it attention and practice. If you don’t practice, you get rusty.

Love leaves a trail, a residue. It leaves a mark on our heart and soul, and on the heart and souls of those we touch.

Practice leaving traces. Put some love in your beloved’s coffee or tea when you make it for them in the morning. Add it along with the milk. Practice putting some love in your words to them.  When you ask a question like  – will you take out the trash —  put some love in those words.  When you say – thank you – put some love in those words too.   Love is a practice.

When you cook food for them, you can put love in what you cook.  Add a little here and there. It goes with anything.

Practice the art of love.  Don’t just let it be an accident. If you aren’t  practicing love, then you are practicing something else.

Practice keeping the garden clean.

Practice creating dreams of love.

Practice expressing love and your life will be happy.

The art of expressing love is vast, and the depth is unfathomable.  Explore.

The expression of love is an art. The best art isn’t an accident. The best art comes with years of practice. Make your expressions with each other a work of art.  Make the effort to practice every day.  It may very well be the best thing we do.