Lessons From Integrity

A new online video class from Gary van Warmerdam

This Advanced work will not be open to beginners.  You will have to have completed the Basic Self Mastery series, and be well into the Phase II (formerly called the Advanced Series) to participate.  This background work will make the advanced practices we will be working on much more effective. You have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run.

Lessons will begin April 22nd. A schedule is below.
We will meet on line in a video classroom once a month for approximately 3 hours.

You may begin signing up in the Members area after April 1.

I am starting a new program later this year.  It will be Lessons from Integrity.  Integrity has to do with integrating all the different parts of our self. We are more than just a mind, a body, and emotions. We have a Spirit, a Soul, and a Consciousness as well.  In the Self Mastery Course I have principally focused on the beliefs in the mind that create negative thoughts and contribute to emotional reactions.  For changing one’s life, I feel this is the best place to start.  However, if we are to live truly happy lives, we will need more.

We have emotions that are from other sources than our belief system or mind made.  We have genuine authentic emotional experiences and are a valuable part of our life.  They inform us and help guide our decisions, relationships, and behavior.  If you want to be in a healthy relationship you will want to feel these natural emotions.  Our natural emotions also help guide us to work in a career we enjoy and is fulfilling to our soul.

We also have desires that arise from our soul. Instinctively we seek out community and social connections. This nurtures something in us at a Soul level.  At the same time, our Spirit may desire some peace and quiet that requires us to be alone.  These opposing desires won’t make any sense to us at the level of our mind. Our mind is looking to organize these desires in a simple logical way and so the conflict is confusing.

Living in our Integrity is about balancing these different forces, feelings, and desires within us. They are only in conflict because our mind hasn’t been informed of the larger picture and how to include all of them. We need time and connection with our community and family. We also need time alone, or in nature, to satisfy the yearning of our Spirit. Men may need more time alone than women for reasons too involved to explain here.

All of this comes down to a deeper level of work that I will be sharing beginning in the summer.  It will help you listen within and get in touch with what is in alignment with your own Integrity.   Since the process will build over time it is not feasible for people to drop in and out, or to start late.  There will be homework assignments to practice in the weeks between and probably support groups to share what is going on with the changes in your life.  We will take one or two practices/exercises and go deep with that process for the month. Each will allow you to recover personal will power, develop discipline, and eliminate the distractions to our attention.

If this is something that you are seriously interested in, I suggest you begin the practices of the Phase II this month if you haven’t already started.


4th Saturday of the month
December’s class will be on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
Series goes for 12 months.  (We will consider extending for more sessions if the group wants to continue, and I agree.)

Price:  $45 monthly.