How To Create Wealth

How Do You Create Wealth

First take time to notice the abundance in your life.

How much is your eyesight worth?
How much is your hearing worth?
How much is the ability to breath and walk worth?
How much are friends and family that support you worth to you?

Then you will have gratitude.
At this point, you might realize that you have all the wealth you need, and more.
With gratitude it will be easier to see what is possible.
With Gratitude you can marvel with wonder at what is possible.
With these eyes of wonder you will be able to see and dream new possibilities.
With a sense of possibility you will have excitement and inspiration.
If you don’t feel these things, then perhaps fear is in the way of gratitude and possibility.
Then you must identify fear and change the false beliefs fear arises from.
When we feel fear, or have limiting beliefs of fear, these emotions and beliefs determine what we see.
With fear we see a world with scarcity, competition, and adversaries.
With gratitude we see the people that will support our dreams and efforts.
When you feel gratitude you will see the world differently and will have faith in a greater possibility.
With Faith in what is possible you will be inclined to take action.
When you take a new action, you will get a new result.
Then you measure the result and adjust your next action for a better result.
Then you get better and better at getting results.
And then, many times in this process, ask your self if you will trade what you are doing, and what you are gaining for your happiness?   Many people often go after wealth and success without asking this question, and decades later regret the happiness the sacrificed.  It takes them many years to realize that their emotional state of happiness was devalued, when in fact it was worth more all along. It is the person that is happy that often has a precious joy that he will not trade for material riches.
If you have dominion over your attention, and emotions, they you can live in peaceful happiness. Such a person is already wealthy.   They have a kind of wealth that people with money can not afford .