Your Emotions and Personality are Not Fixed

It’s been observed that  mindfulness meditation and mindfulness practices actually change areas of the brain.

More than once people have been told by professional that their personality is fixed by the time they are 6 or 10 years old. They have emotional aspects when they are adults and told that they can’t be changed. “All you can do is manage the condition.” I don’t believe this one bit. And now there is good evidence for you not to believe it either.  A neuro-imaging study of the brain indicates changes in areas of the brain related to self awareness, compassion, and introspection.

The study points out that it doesn’t prove a direct link, but that’s understandable considering that it is rather difficult to show a direct link between where and how we focus our attention and how our brain matter responds.   What it does indicate is that there is more here going on than assuming there is no relation at all.  It is also worth noting that areas of the brain associated with our emotional state do change.  So the notion that our personality is “fixed” should be considered a myth lacking evidence and not the other way around.

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