Why am I Unhappy

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
Why am I Unhappy

Why am I unhappy, and Why do we suffer?  These are two questions that confound people personally, and collectively. We can be accomplished, and comfortable in our life, and yet internally feel dissatisfied, inadequate, shame and fear. We are confused because we look to understand these emotions based on our external circumstances. When you look inward to the narrative stories you are telling yourself in your mind, you will find the primary cause of unhappiness and suffering.

The narrative story in our mind is what produces those negative thoughts, self-judgments, and emotions. It arises from the core beliefs we acquired earlier in life, and that can be re-programmed with awareness.

One specific component of these narrative stories that cause us to be unhappy is the false identity our belief system creates about us. In this excerpt from a group coaching session, I describe the component of the false identity from our belief system.