From Misery to Happiness

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
From Misery to Happiness

Daniel’s journey from misery to happiness took a lot of work. There were many ingredients essential to making his transformation happen and he shares it here in this interview with him.

Daniel struggled with anxiety and depression for many years. His journey began with my books MindWorks, listening to these podcasts, and doing the online Self Mastery Course. More recently he has done personal coaching sessions with me to accelerate the changes.  I really admire his consistent effort. There are ups and downs, but the consistent effort has been essential to the transformation of his whole inner world.

There are common obstacles we face when we work to change our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. I always like to get different people’s experiences on how they did it so others can benefit in understanding the obstacles, and what can be done about them. I think you will find Daniel’s insights and experience on his process valuable.