#70 Mastering the Mental Game

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#70 Mastering the Mental Game

Multiple times Pauline Victoria has done what most people would call impossible. Despite being born without arms or legs, Pauline has learned to swim, gone to college, lived on her own, worked in corporate, drives a car, and took up scuba diving. Pauline said she was able to do these things because of her “mental game”. I got curious and wanted to know what was involved in Pauline’s mastery of the mental game. Could other people do it, and if so how?

In this interview, I dig into to dissect Pauline’s “mental game” to find out what it is made of, how she does it, and what has given her mastery over her mental game. It turns out that mastery over her mental game involved several elements that aren’t just of the mind. They include:


You can be plenty smart and “know” a lot, but if you don’t include these elements in your skillset, you aren’t fully developing your mental game. Without these, getting what you want will talk longer, or perhaps, not even happen. Listen as I interview Pauline and break down how Pauline Victoria mastered her mental game to get what she wants no matter what. We both believe everyone has these resources that they can draw upon to change what they are doing and how they do it in their life. If you want your life to be different, then it is worthwhile to pay attention and master these skills for yourself.

You can learn to develop these aspects of your mental game through the Self Mastery Course practices.

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