#67 Consciousness and moving Beyond the Mind

The Awareness and Consciousness Podcasts with Gary van Warmerdam
Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#67 Consciousness and moving Beyond the Mind

We can’t yet prove consciousness exists, but we can’t prove the existence of love or fear either. Consciousness is real, the real question is, “How do you experience your Self as consciousness”. The journey to realizing your Self as consciousness involves extricating your “Self” from the mind’s narrative thoughts. The constant thinking has trapped consciousness into a virtual identity of the narrative. 

In this podcast, Eva Beronius and I explore the steps and obstacles of moving from the identity with the ego-mind to realizing our Self as Consciousness. 

Mindfulness meditations are becoming popular and direct us to be the observer of the mind and thoughts.  Becoming the “observer” is just the beginning.  The “I” and “me” qualities of the way we think about ourselves have to change. This change in identity can be both a bit scary and confusing to our thinking mind. It can also be a tremendous launching point into new worlds of perception, imagination, and emotions.

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