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Transform Your Life from the inside out

COSTA RICA | Re-scheduled for 2021

Move into conscious awareness

Whether you want to transcend the ego sense of separation, stop the internal chatter, or rid yourself of the drama you do in relationships, you will have to address what your mind does to sabotage, distract, and create illusions causing suffering. No matter your issue or goal, the mind is holding the obstacles. Those obstacles look like thoughts and fears, but behind them are unconscious beliefs and held emotions. To move forward and live a life you want, you will have to build the skills to change thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. The key to these changes is doing them from a state of conscious awareness instead of from within the limiting beliefs of your mind. 

In simple terms it is about developing a peacefully quiet mind, with emotions of self acceptance and unconditional love. Those good feelings begin with yourself, and then grow allowing you to connect with others in conscious presence in relationships. This is Maslows’s quest for self actualization, Jung’s individuation, Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey to find your bliss, and the Buddha’s quest for expanded consciousness. At an early stage in your awareness, these words might just be empty concepts. During the week event in Costa Rica, they become felt experiences. You go from intellectual information to knowing in a way that you feel it in your body.  Continue reading

Growing up our attention was directed towards achieving good grades, then getting careers, and building an external life. In the process we lost track of what was going on inside. Our emotions became secondary to paying the mortgage. Being happy was lost to the agenda of what others thought of us. Being fulfilled was replaced with pleasing the inner critic’s agenda of what we are supposed to do, and what we “should” be. Our life went on automatic program with unconscious beliefs running our mind. The conscious awakening begins when achievements in the external no longer satisfy and fulfill us internally. 

How do you know when it is time to address those internal longings?  Simply, the right time is when you decide to make the changes. There will be no time when the “stars line up” and things are perfect for change. Rather, it is more likely you make the decision in the midst of chaos. When you decide to address those feelings of longing for something deeper, meaningful, and heartfelt you turn your conscious attention inward. Finding those feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and connection that are missing involves your attention inward and shine a light on our emotions, desires, and felt experiences of life. 

Only you can do this. No one is there to make changes in your mind but you. The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out or do it on your own. Others have dealt with their mind, changed their beliefs, sense of self, and changed their emotions.  You have help and guidance to make these changes. Your guides bring 65 years of personal experience and sharing with others how to do it.

You can learn from others who have solved these same problems. It is the shortcut and easy way. This is so much faster than figuring things out on your own or from books.  You are your own master, you create your life, and you can learn from others. These are not contradictory. 

During the week you will get specific guidance for:

  • Meditations and body work to relax your nervous system and your mind.
  • Quieting the internal dialog of chatter from the monkey mind.
  • Moving into an observer consciousness beyond your mind
  • Effective self inquiry to dismantle hidden beliefs.
  • Moving stuck emotions of suffering and freeing yourself from associated thoughts
  • Opening to emotions of self-acceptance, love, compassion, and your natural mind of curiosity
  • Develop skills over your attention and emotions so you can drop the fears about the journey inward.
  • Guided meditations into expanded states of consciousness
  • Practical, and compassionate skills to address the Inner Critic, and change the internal thoughts of self judgment and negative self talk. 

We do not expect you to be a “finished product” at the end of the week. We intend and expect that you will experience and feel different. This is based on consistent past results with people. Your sense of self will have changed for the better. Less ego, less fear, less worry, and less confusion about how to make yourself better. You will have more self-acceptance, more compassion, more curiosity, and more love and appreciation for yourself and others. 

Our intent is by the end of the week you will have found new confidence in yourself.

Part of that confidence comes from the clarity of how your inner world of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions is constructed. You will see when your mind is unconsciously blocking you from the life you want, and also see  how to remove those blocks. There will also be confidence in your ability to make the changes you want to make, and confidence those changes will happen.

Re-scheduled for 2021

Come back soon for new dates.

A typical day:

(Everything is optional as we respect individual choices as some people like to sleep in a bit more.)

8:00 Yoga/body awareness time/meditation

9:45  Excellent food

11-2 pm Class

2 pm.  Lunch

3:00 pm.  Free time to explore beach, rain forest, and reflect

5:30 Class – Walking meditation, Mindfulness work. Inventory of Beliefs

7:00- Dinner

8:30 Evening class, music. 

This is a guideline of what to expect for a typical day. There is the inclusion of time for you to enjoy the outdoors during the day, reflect and integrate the changes that are happening.  With the understanding that dancing and music may break out at any time. 

Price includes accommodations, meals, and tuition. 

Lodging will be at the beautiful Samasati Yoga and Wellness Retreat Center. 

Your choices of accommodations are:
Triple Casita or Namaste Guest House lodging $1,775.
In the guest house you have your own modest room and share a bathroom.
In the Triple casita you have two roommates and share a bathroom.

Double Occupancy Casity $1,885
You and your room mate share a bathroom.

Single Occupancy Casita $2,395
There is limited space for this option.

The lodging descriptions are on the lodging page for the Samasite Resort.

Together we bring 65 years of experience transforming ourselves and others. If there is something you want to change about your life, we have either done something like it, or guided someone through it. 

Gary van Warmerdam has led numerous Spiritual Journey’s for almost two decades. His experience comes from years of personal study with don Miguel Ruiz. Miguel Ruiz is a Medical Doctor that studied the spiritual traditions from Mexico as well as traditions from around the world. He is also the best selling author of “The Four Agreements”, and  others.  Gary’s experience and teachings from his Mentor are both extensive and with deep understanding.

Eva Beronius, along with her deep work through the Self Mastery process, brings experience from years of meditation, yoga teaching, body and energy awareness work. Her own journey has brought her in alignment with deep compassion, patience, and trust in life, and unconditional love. 

Neil Bjorklund. Neil is a Certified Integral Coach, coaching the practice of self-mastery. Extensive training and experience in Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, transformative group process, and self-mastery practice as taught by Miguel Ruiz and Gary van Warmerdam. Learn more:

Regardless of our diverse backgrounds we share a inner drive for the Truth, an honest willingness to face the obstacles in front of us, with unconditional love and compassion, and joy for life. 

Samasati Yoga and Wellness Retreat Center in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

In one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet, the rain forest of Costa Rica. 

Over looking the warm Carribean waters a short 15 min drive down the hill.

The weather in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica is consistently in the low 80’s during the day, and cooling into the 70’s deg F at night during March.  Just the right temperature to go swimming in the warm Caribbean water if we want to cool off at any time of the day. 

Clouds and showers are likely given that it is the tropical rainforest.

You can see some past weather here


This event has been re-scheduled for 2021. New dates and ability to sign up will be added soon.


Base price is $1775 for lodging in shared house and triple occupancy Casita

Additional $110 for lodging in double occupancy Casita

Additional $600 for a single occupancy Casita.

Detailed description of lodging on Samasati website

Common Questions

Yes, this trip can be for you.  You can be as private as you like. There are no requirements to share. You could spend the whole week in silence and do the process as a silent retreat. You are invited to be a part of every process, but not required.

We offer a process, and respect how each individual wants to do it. 

If you want to go off on your own at different times, or not show up for a class, you are free to do so.  All we ask is that you let your group leader know so we know you are taken care of and not looking for you when you don’t want to be found. 

You don’t have to share about your own process. You are allowed to be as private as you wish. It is entirely optional. 

We open up sharing opportunities during the day, or at evening class. Often someones realization or question helps another person with some issue they were wrestling with.  

However we are very careful to steer away from what would look like group therapy sharing.  That is not the path or processes we work with. You are more likely to be invited to spend parts of the day in silence, or to be guided inward for deeper self inquiry. 

I recommend the events over any individual coaching. The amount of instruction for your dollar (peso, euro, crowns, or kuna, etc) go about 8 times farther at events in person. The exception to this is if you are working through trauma issues. If you are triggered into trauma reactions of freeze, or panic, then be more gentle with yourself and do coaching sessions, or work with a professional in this area. At these events, such as Mexico, we do many new and different approaches to challenge, change, and to move consciously past your belief systems. For a person recovering from trauma this may be too triggering to be helpful.

The commitment involved in showing up, and the focused attention for several sustained days allow breaking through many more issues in a shorter time than you will do on your own. The processes are much deeper. Your connection and support in a group environment are more conducive to  learning and change as well. 

"The retreat showed me what is possible"

The whole experience of being in that setting, with everyone - the relaxation I felt being around such a group - my fear lessened, I felt more open, relaxed, not held back, more free - just such a good experience of being around other humans...

Retreat participant 2019
"A commitment to myself and the process"

It has given me momentum to carry on with my personal work (which is what I hoped to gain), as well as a greater understanding of the process and how to go about this journey. I feel like I also gained tools to tackle resistance that may come up. Before I was also practicing more in isolation, so it has been very valuable to connect with others doing the same work, something I also feel will be very beneficial in terms of carrying on and staying motivated.

Retreat participant 2019
"To open up to love more"

Since coming back home I've moved to a new level of happiness and awareness, particularly around compassion for myself and others

Retreat Participant 2019
"Loved having multiple teachers"

Appreciated the different approaches, perspectives and gifts that you each brought to the experience.

Retreat Participant 2019

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