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Self Mastery Course II

Building a new mind

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Price: $179 USD
Duration: 12 lessons over 15 weeks

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About the course

The Self Mastery II course will will focus on three main areas:

1. Explorations of specific beliefs, and patterns of archetype characters. These specific sessions strengthen your skills at changing beliefs. Some exercises guide you through parental paradigms, and others help you break apart beliefs reinforced by cultural paradigms. Moving out of these perspectives and challenging these beliefs helps break free self criticism.

2. Dismantling the layers of the Judge. In a systematic approach you will take a different perspective of the Judge, one that enables you to dismantle it’s abusive ways. Dismantling the Judge stories allows the remaining emotions of the Victim archetype to be released. 

3. Building a New Mind.  With the personal power you have recovered you begin to focus on exercises to build a new mind, new emotional states, and beliefs in what is possible. You are guided past the observer role to be the more active creator and artist of moments of your life. With power over your attention you begin to build a mindset of creating a life, and relationships you want with the emotions you want. 

In the Gratitude lesson from the Free course I introduced you to the idea of building a new house of beliefs.  In the building a new mind, it is not just about a new house of beliefs internally. It is about expressing those emotions, and taking action on living that new life in the world. 

There are likely still limiting beliefs to dissolve, but there is more benefit in building the new mind and new life while you dissolve the old beliefs as they show up. In one sense, the old beliefs will become more apparent as you work on building a new mind. It will become obvious what you don’t wan to carry forward into your future. Building a new mind will help dissolve the old limiting beliefs faster.  Some old beliefs from your past don’t show up as anchors until you begin moving forward. 

Practicing those creation skills sooner gives you more time to develop and become stronger at them

  • Introduction
  • 15 Beliefs on Success and Failure  – available immediately
  • 16 Critical Judgments –   A new session is available every 10 days.
  • 17 Meditation and Prayer 
  • 18 Being Right 
  • 19 Entitlement
  • 20 Viewpoint
  • 21 Image of Perfection
  • 22 Emotional Mastery
  • 23 What you Want
  • 24 Build a New Dream
  • 25 Humility and Service
  • 26 Unconditional Love

Lessons will be available in your account here at Each lesson contains lesson audio (listen on website or download to your device) and specific notes about the lesson and the exercises. There is a support material section where you can find related content from the blog, the podcast and our Youtube channel that relates to the lesson topic.

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Gary van Warmerdam combines the wisdom spiritual traditions have in eliminating suffering with common sense in a way that is both practical and effective. Gary has studied extensively with best selling author of The Four Agreements, Dr. Miguel Ruiz beginning 1994. He co-developed and taught the Four Agreements Facilitators training at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY and the Crossings in Austin Texas. His teachings are based in universal principles of common sense and unconditional love found in all spiritual traditions. Gary leads several intensive events during the year and coaches individual clients. His book, MindWorks, is available in print and in digital formats in numerous places.

Gary has previous professional experience in sales and management in both small and large businesses. He served as a nuclear trained officer in the US Navy and as officer of the deck of an aircraft carrier. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Read more about Gary’s journey and his teachings here

Common questions

Because you are being set up for success. If you had all the lessons at once your mind would be filled with information but you would not have practiced anything yet. 

For change to happen new neural pathways need to be connected and your brain and nervous system re-trained.  That process does not happen with just getting knowledge. 

What many people have learned is that reading a lot of books is not likely to change your emotional patterns. If you are trying to change thoughts, all it does is give you more to think about in the same way. 

For success in making the changes you want to make you will need a different approach than just having information. You will need to do different things so those new patterns seep down into your unconscious. 

Results will happen right away. However, the results your ego mind will hope for are different than what will happen right away.

If you do the gratitude exercise, you may have an immediate feeling of gratitude. You have an immediate result of changing your emotional state using your own attention. 

This may not be the immediate result of getting ride of jealousy, anger, or insecurity you are looking for.  But in my experience getting an immediate change at that level, for something that has likely been a pattern for years doesn’t usually change in one day. 

So the next result you can immediately get is to notice this false belief about “immediate change” and begin to be skeptical of this expectation in your mind. 

You will be getting immediate changes when you practice each exercise. That immediate result is taking you one step closer to your  bigger goal. 

My suggestion is to maybe spend 30 days at the maximum repeating the exercises from the Self Mastery I course before continuing on with Self Mastery II.  Of course you can spend longer. It is up to each individual. Some people go back through the whole first series giving each lesson a week of practice. 

One of the reasons that I suggest moving on is that the brain gets bored. It wants new things.  To circumvent this, add the new tools and techniques of the SM II series to your skill set.  While you are doing this will will be deepening the skills you learned in the earlier series and reinforcing them that way.  

You have 40 days to work with the lessons. If you are not satisfied we will refund your purchase no questions asked. 

For a refund email [email protected](this site) and include your username and email address. 

"I don’t know where I would be if I never found your course"

It has absolutely changed my life. I have been able to eliminate the cause of many of my reactions and insecurities. Peace and happiness are starting to become my normal emotional state.

Eliza M.
Sept 2016
"Thank you"

Two words that can’t quite express my gratitude for the time and energy you’ve put into creating courses that have absolutely changed my life, in amazing (but sometimes challenging) ways.A few years ago I felt numb and empty on the inside. Now, I’ve turned that around and live a full, meaningful and whole life.

"Just finished listening to the first session about failure and success"

I found this one particularly insightful: the concept of re-framing failure, learning, and growth. It’s actually a relief to me to hear your interpretations of those topics.

Monica M.
Nov 2015
"I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety"

10 months ago I found your lessons.I am happy to say, they have both disappeared and my experience of each day is mostly absent from any personal drama.I don't experience a rampant mind anymore and am able to employ one of the tools when annoying thoughts do come.I would not have believed that it was possible to undo 59 years of nervous behaviour, but I have. Thanks.

Max L.
Sept 2015
"Thank you"

I just want you to know that I've never been better internally. I have much gratitude for you and your courses. They truly have helped me over the past year as a part of my self development.

Karen D.
Oct 2015
"The material is solid gold in my opinion!"

It is easy to follow, even though English is not my native language. My thoughts of suicide is gone, I worked it out. I understand that other peoples opinions are just that, opinions. I am not responsible for how other people feel, or how they react on my behalf, that is their problem or worry. Nothing in the external can make or change any emotions in me, that is my responsibility. These are just some of the improvements.

Hakan L.
May 2015

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