#11: The ego mind and consciousness

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#11: The ego mind and consciousness

The ego definition, mind, and consciousness

In a Four Agreements workshop I shared a model for understanding consciousness and the ego mind. I recorded the workshop and part of it makes up this episode.

Understanding the ego mind and understanding consciousness means becoming aware of the way our mind dreams. The ego mind has more than just thoughts and beliefs; it has emotions, memories, visual images and a life of its own. When we believe what our imagination dreams we can get lost in a world of illusions and emotions that have no basis in reality. This is what happens if we don’t have self awareness. We lose our happiness.

What You’ll Find In This Episode on The Ego Definition, Mind, and Consciousness:

  • In this episode, I touch upon fear and how we create resistance and obstacles to change and why some self help approaches don’t work. How your mind sabotages efforts for self improvement. However, because this is only a podcast and not a video cast you don’t get my wonderful illustrations and pictures of the mind to help with your understanding.
  • I also cover how we can go from one emotional reaction to another very quickly in our mind. How we end up judging our self for judging our self. I cover the importance of being the observer in stopping emotional reactions of the mind and how awareness is the key to awakening this observer consciousness.

When you understand this, being a Spiritual Warrior and their quest to be free of the mind and emotional reactions makes a lot more sense. I even touch upon the topic of death and how we can use a ceremony to free ourselves from the ego mind and from its’ chatter and emotional reactions.

An Ego Definition example:

As consciousness we can perceive so many things in our mind from so many points of view. Understanding this capacity as consciousness to perceive in multiple dimensions is a helpful step in dealing with our thoughts, beliefs, and emotional reactions. It can help to realize that we are not going crazy as our consciousness expands through our personal and spiritual growth.

Miguel Ruiz mentions in the back of the Four Agreements that the next steps to take are awareness and to make an inventory of your core beliefs. These are important undertakings if one is to really live the principles of the Four Agreements. Exercises for increasing awareness and how to effectively make an inventory of beliefs are two of the items you will learn in the Self Mastery online course. These are two steps that people usually ignore, and is why they continue to struggle with emotional reactions and taking this personally.

What I cover about the ego mind and consciousness isn’t new. It has been taught by many teachers in many traditions. I’ve only attempted to repackage it here in a language of common sense. Living a life of happiness is simple. We don’t need a lot of knowledge. We just need to dissolve the sabotaging stories and false beliefs in the mind so that we can focus our attention where and how we choose.

May happiness fill all the days of your life.