#23: Dealing with financial fears

The Awareness and Consciousness Podcasts with Gary van Warmerdam
Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#23: Dealing with financial fears

Dealing with and overcoming financial fears isn’t a one-step process. Those fears can be intertwined with real survival needs for the body like food, shelter, and providing for your children. Financial fears can also be from projected scenarios in the imagination that have nothing to do with reality. The imagination is a big source of fears that appear to be irrational. Financial failing can bring up fears related to self image, what others think of us, and self worth. Shedding your financial fears is a multi step process of un-layering beliefs in the mind. I’ve found that breaking free of financial fears is a process that is best addressed in steps. The first step is awareness. The second step is to get hold of your attention.

Some people address their financial fears by trying to amass enough wealth so that they feel financially safe. The assumption is that their money will protect their health, their physical security, and even protect them from emotional suffering. The truth is that no amount of money can protect you from fear. Money doesn’t give your mind immunity from fear, and the false beliefs that cause you to be fearful. In fact, for some people, having more money only exaggerates their financial fears. Wealth will allow you to build physical barriers around you and hire a medical team to assist your health. But the best protection against fear and other emotions of suffering is awareness.

To free your mind from fears, including financial fears, will take more than a good financial plan. It will take awareness and vigilance to keep your mind free from illusions, denial, and false hope that conspire to create emotional suffering.

In this podcast I address issues of denial about our financial situation, addressing resistance, and not judging or blaming our emotions of fear. This just puts a layer of confusion in the mind as to what is happening.

The Self Mastery online program will help you with exercises that raise your awareness, inventory and change your beliefs.It is awareness and consciousness that can free you from fear, not money.