#08: Fear and overcoming fear

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#08: Fear and overcoming fear

Overcome fear by gaining mastery over your core beliefs

Fear is that emotional force that drives us in a direction away from joy, happiness, and love. Fear can paralyze us to the point that we feel helpless and suffocated. Often fear appears irrational, but it only looks this way at the surface. When you scrutinize the stories and agreements you generally find a logical dynamic in the mind. The trouble is that while the fearful logic is rational, the core beliefs at their foundation are not logical at all. It is the core beliefs that are irrational.

If you have a desire to permanently overcome fear, then you will need to address the false core beliefs at their foundation.

Fear of public speaking isn’t about speaking in public. It isn’t even about fear of failing, looking like an idiot, or other people judging you. Failing, performing poorly, or other people’s opinion of us doesn’t hurt. There is no emotional pain in any of these aspects. However these events often trigger us to judge and reject ourselves. It is self rejection that is emotionally painful. The pain we seek to avoid is the pain of self rejection. The fear of public speaking is really a fear of triggering our own self rejection.

Self rejection is an act based on core beliefs about a false self image.

When you gain mastery over your beliefs you no longer believe stories of self rejection that occur in your imagination. With Self Mastery you accept and love yourself just the way you are, no matter what. With self acceptance you have immunity from emotional pain. Without the threat of emotional pain you no longer have a reason to fear. By practicing self acceptance you are no longer afraid of expressing yourself or failing. You give your self permission to try something new. You are not afraid of what others think about you. You are not even afraid of what you will think of yourself. No matter what happens you will not reject yourself. When you no longer hurt your self in this way many of your fears go away.

Complete acceptance and unconditional love for your self will allow you to overcome your fears.