#87 Changing Beliefs

The Awareness and Consciousness Podcasts with Gary van Warmerdam
Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#87 Changing Beliefs

Changing Beliefs Using the Self Mastery Course from PathwayToHappiness.com

Changing emotional reactions and narrative stories is most effectively done by dismantling the core beliefs at their root. Identifying and changing those core beliefs requires that you learn some skills. This includes the ability to focus your attention, shift your point of view, stay present with your emotions, and identify false assumptions in your own thinking.  The Self Mastery Course from PathwayToHappiness.com guides you through practices to develop those skills and combine them so you can effectively inventory your beliefs and dissolve the energy behind them.

In this episode, I discuss with Daniel Moor the backstory of the creation of the course through the work with my clients and give some examples of how core beliefs are different than the thoughts, emotions, and voices in your head.

Most people fail to change their thoughts, emotional responses, or behaviors at a surface level and that is why they fail. It is by addressing the core beliefs at the source that they can be successful in their personal changes.

You can get the Self Mastery Course by following the link.