#83 How To Change a Belief

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Awareness and Consciousness Podcast
#83 How To Change a Belief

In this session, I guide Greg, a Self Mastery subscriber, through changing a belief.  The narrative of the belief is “I’m not ready.”  However, the roots of that narrative story are based in the emotional experiences of a young child who was pushed to do things before he was ready. The belief is actually an energetic memory formed in the mind of a young child, with emotion, perspective, fear, several stories, and a need for protection.

To change this belief, we have to change all these elements of this energetic form.

I won’t go into all the tools and techniques I use in guiding this process of changing a belief with this client, as that is a much more involved explanation. One element that I utilize in this session is reflective listening.  You will notice that I repeat what the client says. This is to ensure that I understand what he is saying, help affirm support to the client that they are heard, and for them to hold the imagery more clearly.

If you are interested in changing beliefs, you can employ these steps to change a belief by following the steps in my Self Mastery Course and my book MindWorks.

Not all beliefs change this quickly. Some have much stronger emotions and supporting beliefs that need to be addressed in a process that may take multiple sessions.  This process was also sped up because of the client’s previous work on his beliefs, ability to focus his attention, and willingness to connect with the emotions he was feeling while staying present.