#63 Overcoming Trauma and Living Happy

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#63 Overcoming Trauma and Living Happy

My interview with Anna who is waking up and being happy every day. That’s a log emotional healing journey from the emotions of anger, anxiety, depression, and anger that was overwhelming her everyday. Caused by earlier trauma in her life, Anna took an aggressive approach to change, which included applying the skills from the Self Mastery Courswork. 

Most people recovering from trauma, or just trying to stop their emotional reactions set the bar low. They hope to manage the problem. Many people, even professionals will tell them that’s all they can hope for. Anna didn’t buy that story. At first she just wanted peace. But as she got to have peace, and calm she began to experience love. Then she wanted joy, laughter, fun. Now Anna is working on feeling unlimited, and she wakes up feeling excited about that each day. That’s a long way from where she was 3 years ago, when she was afraid to go to sleep at might because of the nightmares, and afraid to wake up.

I don’t know all that “be unlimited” entails, but it’s something Anna is excited to explore.  Her hard work using the self mastery practices, combined with an aggressive application of trauma healing and recovery wasn’t easy. But listening to her, it sure seems worth it.

At numerous times the tunnel looking forward looked dark. Anna knew she could continue forward into the unknown, or go back at anytime. She kept going forward towards the unknown. Going back meant certain anxiety, anger, and depression.  Sometimes what looks like courage at going forward, may just be an unwillingness to keep doing what doesn’t work in your life.

You can find out more about Anna’s coaching of trauma clients at: https://livinghappy.com.au/

The Self Mastery practices that helped her develop the needed skills for change are at Self Mastery Courses

You can also watch this interview on video on Gary’s YouTube channel: