The Relationship Course Introduction

In this 12 part audio series I address the most emotional drama making core beliefs in our mind that wreak havoc in our relationships and provide the insights and steps to changing them. Each audio has a practical exercise and awareness practices to guide you through changing these destructive patterns in your relationships. There is no reason not to love and be happy in your relationships, but there may be false core beliefs that interfere. These audios will help you identify and change these core beliefs and guide you out of the drama of relationships.

You don't need to be in a relationship, or even interested in getting involved in one to benefit from this course. It is principally focuses on the core beliefs that cause your emotional and behavior patterns in relationships. the material is will covers issues of romantic relationships but is not exclusive to them. Since lessons are always about you and your patterns, the material is applicable whether you are in a relationship or not.

How does this course work with the Basic and Advanced Self Mastery Series?

This is a stand alone course. I think a person can listen and put into practice the insights and exercises outlined in the Relationship Course audios without having taken the Self Mastery course. I also think that a person who is doing, or has completed sessions in the Self Mastery series will get more out of the relationship course. By the same token, I think someone who listens to, and practices the exercises in The Relationship Course will have their eyes opened to layers of core beliefs about relationships and because of that get more out of the Self Mastery course.

Which course should a person do first?

That depends on the person. The right answer will be different for each person. If you are principally concerned with what is going on in your head and want to change those beliefs then you might want to start with the Self Mastery material. However, if much of what is causing you emotional drama is confusion from your relationships, you might want to start with the Relationship Course. It might help give you the clarity of what you are doing in your half of the relationship. Once you have a better realization what your half is and you notice more of your core beliefs you can use the tools in the Self Mastery course to change those patterns. Some people may want to do both at the same time.

I will say that The Relationship Course material compliments the Self Mastery series work. It is intentionally separate and I have tried to limit the amount of overlap, and references to the Self Mastery work so that it could stand alone. I also feel that these sessions will reveal many of the core beliefs and unconscious paradigms we have about relationships. Once you listen to the Relationship audios and become aware of these belief paradigms you will look at your relationships with a completely different perspective, one that will allow you to experience greater acceptance, love, and respect.

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The following is a brief summary of what each session addresses.


In this session I cover several different kinds of boundaries that we need to implement in our relationships. It’s not enough in this world to just be nice and assume that all people will be nice in return. If you don’t learn to implement boundaries with people who mistreat you then you will let your self be mistreated and taken advantage of until you reach the point where you react with anger. Most important in this session I cover the common core belief that causes us to resist setting boundaries.

Looking for Love

Before we go looking for love it will be helpful to understand what we are looking for. There are different aspects of the emotion of love and many different behaviors that it can expressed in. There are also many things that mask as love and cause us to chase drama instead. I’ll help outline the differences.

Your Half of the Relationship

In a mature and conscious relationship it is necessary to take responsibility for our half. This is easily said but when things get heated it can be difficult to find the line between our emotional reaction and theirs. In this audio I clarify what we do in our mind to create layers of illusion and confusion about how we interact with our partner. Once you are aware of your half of the illusions you can begin to make changes.

Their Half of the Relationship

Don’t understand your partner, family member, or friend? Do they do things that don’t make sense? Do you end up feeling disappointed, frustrated, angry, or let down? In this session I explain how the other person structures their beliefs and illusions in their mind and what it might look like to you. Understanding the layers of beliefs that another person has structured in their mind can give you a lot more understanding, compassion, and respect for why they do what they do.


When we communicate we are either transmitting or receiving,,, or are we? In this session I don’t get into how to express your self better. That will happen naturally as you dissolve the self judgments and fears in your belief system. In this audio I address listening. Real listening involves more than just waiting for your turn to talk. When you listen clearly, and are present you can even impact the speaker.

Rules of Love

Why do we have rules in our relationships? How do we react when our rules are broken? Do our rules or expectations in our relationships then decide for us how we will feel emotionally? When this happens our emotional well being takes a back seat to the very rules we set up to ensure our happiness.

Roles Men Assume

As men we didn’t choose our emotional patterns or our behavior patterns growing up. We didn’t choose what we believe about our self, or how we defined our self in relationship to women. We learned to accept the paradigm that was out there and live accordingly. In this audio I unravel the layers of core beliefs men create about themselves in relationship with women and how that leads to emotional drama.

Roles Women Assume

Women didn’t choose their emotional patterns or their behavior patterns either. They didn’t choose what to believe about themselves, or how they defined themselves in relationship to men. Women learned to just accept the paradigm that was out there and live accordingly. In this audio I unravel the layers of core beliefs women create about relationship with men that result in emotional drama.

Getting Your Emotional Needs Met

What are your emotional needs? How do you get them met? Do you need to be heard, respected, or treated in a certain way? Understanding why you have emotional needs may help you re-evaluate what you do about them.

The Sex Talk

What are the beliefs you have acquired about sex and sexuality? How do they interfere or enhance the physical side of your relationship? Or do your beliefs about sex make you feel nervous, insecure, because you created a negative self image? Or does your self image use your sexual experiences to prop up a positive self image instead? While this might feel better emotionally than a negative one it actually ends up interfering with the enjoyment of the experience. This and a lot more about on the beliefs and taboos we have about sex.

Mending a Broken Heart

Our heart never actually broke. We may have felt emotional pain but it wasn’t our heart that was breaking. More likely it was the structure of false beliefs about relationship that collapsed. The collapse of our beliefs can cause such emotion then our mind will make up interpretations and beliefs about our emotional experience. This adds another layer of false beliefs to our experience of a broken heart. Until you clean up that those false beliefs the emotions remain.

The Perfect Partner

When looking for a mate do you ask the question, “Who will want to be with me?” Or do you ask the question, “Who do I want to be with?” The first invites you into a dependent state of a victim. The second is asked from a more empowered state of integrity. What part of your belief system is looking for a partner and what does the perfect one look like? More importantly,,, what do you look like to a perspective partner?

We can't cover everything, but how much emotional drama does a course have to eliminate in your life to be worth it?

This 12 part course is certainly not a complete guide for everything you will want to know and practice in your relationships. We could certainly take any one of these topics and turn it into a day long workshop with practices and experiences that deepen your understanding. But that is what the week in between is for. Take what you learn in The Relationship Course and put it into action. By putting these insights and exercises into action you will begin to notice things about your self and your partner that you didn’t see before. You will also be invited to change your interactions and watch how that changes your experience of relationships.

These audios are like seeds of awareness and love. Plant them and work them into your awareness, and interactions in relationships. Nurture them to grow. The result will be more acceptance, respect, and love in your relationships. Combining the Relationship Course with the Self Mastery practices will take you even farther in the direction of happiness and what I call Great Love in your relationships.

God Speed on your Journey of Personal and Emotional Change,

Gary van Warmerdam


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