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Develop the consciousness and skills to change your thoughts and emotions by dissolving unconscious beliefs.

Introducing the UPGRADED:

Self Mastery Course 1

The practices you need to change your beliefs using the most comprehensive system there is.

In this course, you will learn self-awareness skills to create a powerful observer perspective and state of consciousness that enables you to gain control of your mind. You will then learn a belief change system to dissolve your old emotional reactions and sabotaging behaviors.

In the lesson videos, I show you how to use the right tool, at the right time in the best way for maximum results. I’m taking what I’ve been coaching for 20 years with satisfied clients and sharing it with you in these videos. 

In these videos, you will get detailed insight on each lesson that addresses a specific skill, and how that relates to changing a specific aspect of your belief system. Together these skills connect in your awareness into a system to develop your consciousness. These are the recordings from an online class used to get them past the resistance their mind put up. You can put aside the fear of the process failing you because you didn’t have all the resources you needed. IF this course worked for a hundred people, then it can work for you.

/Gary van Warmerdam

This course is the first of it’s kind that:

  • Develops your emotional skills so that you can stay conscious, present and effective.
  • Combines the skill-building practices you need to effectively change beliefs.
  • Elevates your consciousness so you can separate from your thoughs and ego-mind. 
  • Addresses the resistance with understanding why it’s there and how to move past it.
  • Provides a system of organization so you don’t get overwhelmed, and can get to deeper understanding and change. 
"I woke up. And I like this world in reality much more than the one from my dream."
Danko M

Developing the skills

The course consists of the 10 lessons over 20 weeks where you get to practice the skills needed to change your thoughts and emotions by addressing the unconscious beliefs underneath. Every lesson consists of an introduction video, an audio recording of your practice, guided meditation, video class that connects the practices into a system for changing beliefs, and Q and A video clips.  We expect your mind to have resistance to changing beliefs and you will get plenty of guidance for that in the videos where I answer questions that go with each lesson.

INTRO: Gratitude, Reclaim your Power and Attention

Intro to being aware of narrative stories and how they create emotions. With gratitude you being consciously using the narrative story to create your own emotions. Discover what beliefs look like, and how they get you to act unconsciously. You become aware of what perspective and attention. This is critical if you are going to maintain the consciousness of an observer.

WEEK 1: Perspective

In this lesson you get a journaling practice that can stop your mind from telling those repeating thoughts. The perspective shift will guide you out of being entrained in your thoughts to the observer. This is the critical first step for moving into consciousness. In week 2 you'll get a video class with guided meditation to deepen this move into the perspective of consciousness.. The Q&A takes you to understand the resistance the mind puts up and why.

WEEK 3: Acceptance

You get to step back from your mind that wastes energy on "trying to fix" things. You will build more personal power and maintain your perspective of Consciousness. This is critical for finding the underlying beliefs. The meditation will deepen your experience so you will know acceptance as a a peaceful feeling.

WEEK 5: Characters

With your observer consciousness you will become aware your mind has different voices with different agendas. By including them in the journaling exercise you will be extending your consciousness furthe rinto the neutral observer. In the video class and meditation you begin to experience your Self as separate from your mind.

WEEK 7: Finding Neutral

You will gain the awareness of how simple thoughts and conversations become beliefs, or reinforce existing beliefs. More importantly you will apply a simple practice to refrain from investing your personal power into these beliefs. This extra personal power you have will strengthen your will power. This is critical for addressing your emotions in a new way in week 9.

WEEK 9: Emotions

You will learn two simple exercises to raise your awareness of your emotions, appreciate them, and change them with this breathwork practice. You will feel relieved knowing what to do with strong emotions instead of avoiding and repressing them. You can let go of the fear of emotions, and the fear of being overwhelmed by them.

WEEK 11: Archetypes

In this lesson you get the understanding of how the mind has woven layers together. You will no longer think of you thoughts as chaotic. In the guided meditation you move further into consciousness and observe how the different parts of your mind interact with each other while you practice calm relaxed presence. You will leave this training knowing that you can be calm and relaxed even though the mind is doing drama.

WEEK 13: Core Beliefs

From the calm relaxed state of awareness you have been building you can stay out of the narrative stories and investigate the underlying core beliefs they arise from. With your developed conscious awareness from journaling you can focus your attention with skepticism on false premises your mind has held. You will leave this training knowing there is nothing needed to change a belief but to remain separate and refrain from supporting it.

WEEK 15: Illusions of Power

In this lesson we flip the script and observe the story other people tell you so that you can detach from the false beliefs they pull you into. With this awareness you can release yourself from the guilt, shame, caretaking, fixing, and reactions to others about their emotions. In the meditation on week 16 we apply an expansion of consciousness to increase compassion with forgiveness to this detachment.

WEEK 17: Forgiveness

After having gained awareness of how your beliefs have been creating your emotions through narrative stories, I flip the script and we focus on how other people are responsible for their own emotions. Then you go on a journey recovering the personal power you used to spend feeling guilty or ashamed for how you made them feel. In the guided meditation we address these relationships with compassion and awareness to make the process healing and healthy. This is a critical recovery from old stories that will feel empowering.

WEEK 19: Silent Mind

With some or many of the past stories dissolved, you will find quiet space in your mind. With the possibility and will power developed to focus your own attention, I will guide you into methods of creating deeper emotions of pleasure, enjoyment, and peace. With the silent mind class on week 20 we look out further on the horizon on how to get the most benefits from this course going forward.


Now that you have been using the skills to develop your conscious presence, and you can detach yourself from the emotional patterns and stories, you will find that you have more free space in your mind and energy to create. With your new tools it is time to explore what changes you want to make next, and how to do that. I'll give you guidance on what to consider in your new life.

But don’t just take it from me.
Here are some of the results people have gotten from practicing these skills in their own words:

"I went from deep suffering depression to experiencing mostly fun and joy. I now know I can handle any negative thoughts and emotions that come up, and that is really worth it to me. The Self Mastery work checks all the boxes. If I have a triggering thought or emotion I know and feel that I have the tools to do something with it. I am not left in the dark with vague spiritual like statements or principles. I have techniques and skills to apply and something to practice."
Daniel Moore
"The benefits are simply profound. I feel like someone finally wrote the user’s manual for being human."
Lisa T
"Prior to this course words acceptance and unconditional love were some kind of states that seemed unreachable to me and other people, existing only in books and stories of holy man. During live sessions I was able to percieve these states directly from Gary and Eva and realized that they are accessible to me and other people too."
Primož Š
"In the years before taking the course my life was full of drama, fear, unhealthy relationships and continual pleasing others to the point off exhaustion. Back then my life looked meaningless. Nowadays it’s filled with joy, respectful healthy relationships and peace. Taking the course is the best choice I ever made for myself and others."
Tim L
"I came in to this course, thinking I could learn about my anxiety and gain an understanding of this. I learned so so much more, this course is so well structured, it’s is impossible not to change, most of the time without realising, which I love. I remember having thoughts of this course is for clever people, I will never get this, you need to be an intellectual, oh how I was proven wrong. This course opened my world to a greater understanding that I could have ever imagined. My Changes have been amazing."
Edward O
"This makes life so much more pleasant to navigate, and many times the process is exciting and even fun -- more like a mystery story with well-meaning but inept characters than a tragic drama with characters reeking revenge. I can recognize anger and sadness when they come on, be with it, express what is helpful and let the energy flow without it bursting out at anyone or anything, instead of it lodging itself in my body with no idea of how to deal with it. This is so much better for me, for friends, for family, for the people who cross my path even momentarily."
Martha H
"I can finally start to relax, my mind would have me dancing like a puppet most of the day and when it wasn’t yanking on the strings i was always scared of it waking up and running me ragged, it was like a loose cannon not knowing what it would do next. I have the tools now to separate ME from it, i feel like i am BIGGER than it now and its me that decides whether I’ll take it’s advice or entertain myself be watching it do it’s thing or maybe I’ll dissolve what’s behind it’s reaction."
Paul W
"It helped me stop and look at myself and my life from a different viewpoint. As a result, my perceptions are different and my ability to understand myself and others has increased immensely. I am also able to catch myself going the old ways. Today I know that there are alternatives to my old way of thinking.."
Bala L
"In this process I feel like I've evolved into a new person. I am no longer ruled by feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, shame or guilt. I feel lighter, present and hopeful. There is so much peace and joy in my life in a way I never imagined possible. I have so much gratitude for Gary, Eva and the Self Mastery community. This will be a life long learning and it will only get better from here."
Geraldine G
"Before joining I was trapped in painful loops of self-judgement and criticism which I was unable to 'think' my way out of, no matter how hard I tried. During this course I've learnt an entirely different way of relating to my mind that allowed me to gradually step away from these cycles and the emotional pain they were causing. And that's just scratching the surface!"
Harry O
"With Gary's gentle, insightful guidance, I have gained confidence and compassion for myself and others. My long standing relationships have shifted dramatically. What a huge gift! My only regret is I did not start this work earlier, but as Gary says, you start when you are ready. It's never too late to look inward and find your authentic self."
Kelly F
"I think the self-mastery system is like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, sports/performance psychology, and the non-abusive parts of church all rolled into one. There's not one question that I've had about the human condition-- or about the vast range of emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences I've had-- that some aspect of the work doesn't address."
Stephanie M
"Within a few months my children, partner, boss, and even my parents were saying they noticed a shift in me. More confidence, peace, gratitude and a healthier self acceptance. I even reconciled old wounds with my Dad, former friends and a former boss. All of it has been so freeing. This course is for everyone, I can’t recommend it more highly."
Kimberly H
"I decided to join this incredible community because after reading Gary's book in 2018 I wanted to experience his work differently, in a community and with direct access to his teachings. Best decision ever! Now, I connect more with what I truly want for me and for my life. I connect with my internal force and also with others in a deeper more loving way, improving my presence in the world."
Aitana L
"This course did wonders to calm the negative chatter in my mind. It made me strong emotionally and spiritually. I have an awareness and skills to control my mind rather than vice-versa. This course has been life changing - will recommend it to anyone who has tried several psychiatrists and medicines in life (just like I did) and have felt helpless. One of the best investments I made for myself."
"I am happier. That means I don't feel less then, like a child, like a victim. I am not triggered as much by what my wife says :-)"
Jiri S
"It has helped me stop going down rabbit-holes of negative thoughts and create a separation and an awareness of the constant voice in my head."
Alex M

More members about their results:

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Still not sure what you’re signing up for? Meet the Money Back Guarantee.

The Self Mastery Course is the most comprehensive approach to changing beliefs that drive your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. I guarantee that if you work these practices you will experience changes in how you feel and think. With the Self Mastery Course toolset and sufficient time to practice, you can change those thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns. 

If you work these practices in earnest, and realize developing these skills is not for you, email me within 60 days of course start, with copies of the written work you have completed and you’ll get a full refund. The requirement for copies of your writing is because results are dependent on your actions, as much as it is dependent on having a good course to follow. 

Join the Self Mastery Course 1


Total Value = What is it worth to gain control over your mind? 

Self Mastery Course 1

If you HAVE an account in the Self Mastery Community


one-time payment

Self Mastery Course 1

If you DON'T HAVE an account in the Self Mastery Community yet


one-time payment

Reach out at if you want help with enrollment and payment options.

Questions my clients ask before becoming my students

(And then go on to get big changes to their inner world)

  1. Many people’s experience of changing beliefs has been that it was hard, and they probably got frustrated and gave up.  It ends up that way because they didn’t have a good system of techniques, and needed skills. Without skills and a system you are left battling your unconscious with will power and your intellect which isn’t enough.  
  2.  Many of the problems arise because of self judgments narratives of not doing well enough. These are founded in false beliefs about expectations which I specifically focus on in the videos, and in the community forums. 
  3. Changing beliefs is actually straightforward when you combine several skills correctly. There are practices to gain control over your attention, perspective, and emotions etc. You also need a roadmap in how and when to apply the different techniques. Without those skills and roadmap you will become confused, go the wrong direction, or apply the wrong technique in the wrong place. The result is failure, frustration, and usually self judgment about failing. 
  4. Learning to play a game was difficult when you didn’t know how. If you didn’t know the rules, you would be confused looking at the board. A skilled person could easily defeat you. If you were skilled at a game, any game, like a video game, checkers, or monopoly, and a new person showed up. You could easily beat them. This is how your belief system makes things hard until you learn the rules of the game, and the skills to play it.
  5. About it being “hard”  What I found really hard was to continue to live in the same emotional cycles, and negative self judgment loops in my mind. That was not only hard, but painful. For me, changing beliefs was hard, but not changing them, or not even trying was much harder.   

Emotions are created because your mind interpreted an event meant a certain thing. These are automatic and quick interpretations done by your unconscious beliefs. Emotional reactions are created by your belief system. Yes, there are different sources (read my book MindWorks for a list of 9 different sources) but the main source of our negative emotions is from our false beliefs operating in our sub-conscious.  

Changing beliefs is addressing the source of emotions. The Self Mastery approach is the most comprehensive system for changing these beliefs

I regularly have clients who have this fear. They are always surprised, and relieved to realize they are not a terrible person. What they discover is that the “terrible person” was just a false image of themselves that they believed was them. They also found some emotional patterns and memories from their past to release, which they were able to do with the practices. The Recapitulation practices are very good for these releasing processes along with the Emotions practice from Lesson 9.

Beyond that false belief image they discover a really great person. 

What I can tell you is that if you have a fear of being a “terrible person”, then you have a desire to NOT be a terrible person. Your desire to “not be terrible” is evidence that you are a good moral person in charge of your choices.  


It is very common for my clients to have gotten overwhelmed in their attempts before they had a system and developed skills. That’s why the Self Mastery program is spaced over 20 weeks. It takes a few weeks and repetitions to build each skill and to build a strong neural pathway that becomes automatic. 

It is these new neural pathways that you will be building through exercises so you gain control of your attention and perspective. The exercises you will be practicing will also give you skills to process your emotions and release them in a healthy way. This way emotions don’t build up and overwhelm you. 

With the Academy coaching classes to guide you even more efficiently we can pinpoint what happens in the “overwhelm” cycle and address it. This is why I say that The Self Mastery Academy is the most comprehensive training system for changing your beliefs. 

I developed it by working with people who had tried and failed due to things like “overwhelm” in their other approaches. 

The skills you learn in the Self Mastery Course will do better than teaching you to stop your emotions. You will learn healthy ways to process and release your emotions so that you don’t have to avoid, fear, or repress them.  You need emotions. Turning them off is like numbing out. Often that leads to not caring about things, and can cascade to depression. 

Healthy movement of your emotions through your body without believing your thoughts isn’t learned while growing up. This is one of the major skills I realized my individual clients were lacking. When I improved the Self Mastery Course I included an extra exercise on releasing emotions. 

What we learned was to repress them until the pressure built up and we vented. Another problem loop we get into is we believe our thoughts in those emotional moments, thereby reinforcing those beliefs. This often involves judgment or blame.  In the Self Mastery exercises you will learn skills to avoid these automatic responses. In the video classes you will get guided instruction on exactly where and how to apply these release practices. 


This is one of those self help myths.  “What we put our attention on grows”.  It’s not that simple. If we put our attention on an idea and accept it as true, it becomes a belief and grows.  However, if we put our attention on a belief, and are skeptical of it, it becomes less powerful and can dissolve. It’s not just that you put your attention on something, it matters what you do with your attention, and action.

You can put your attention on your emotion, and it can take you for a spiraling ride til you feel out of control. This is what happens when you don’t have skillful control over your attention. In the Self Mastery course you will learn control over your attention. When you combine that with other skills you can place your attention on your negative emotions and beliefs to dissolve them. 

Still not sure if this course is for you?

Let me help you by clarifying who I had in mind creating this course:

No matter the change you want to make, you will need to do it from a level of consciousness that is different from the emotional mind and story creating the negative drama. 

This Self Mastery Course if for elevating your awareness and consciousness so you can effectively address and change those thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It does so by getting to the root cause beliefs that drive your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

You’ve done the free introductory lessons but aren’t sure if the Self Mastery Course will help you with your issue. Here’s what one of my subscribers wrote me: 

“What I find with the belief work Gary gives is that it checks all the boxes in the sense that if I have an inner issue, a triggering thought, emotion or outside event, I feel that I always have the tools to do something  with it. I am not left in the dark with vague spiritual statements without something practical to apply.

 I notice that after I write about something and examine it, with the techniques Gary suggests, when it comes up again I can MUCH easier shift my attention to something else. Then the emotional work of release is very important. I did not give as much emphasis on how important it is. I realized that in our coaching calls.
The combination of  the different tools is awesome and I bet everyone takes something different from it. I find some tools I use more and some less but I know I can try those tools later. One of the best things is you can take the belief work to resistance about the belief work. The fact that you mention how to deal with resistance is important and you have answers to a lot of resistance that can come up. – Daniel M. 
Daniel is now on the other side of his depression and anxiety. He is enjoying his mind and emotions in a way he couldn’t even imagine before. 

The challenge in mindfulness meditation, or other modalities, is that the thoughts and emotions are continually distracting and interfere. The Self Mastery approach is a fast way to remove the beliefs generating the internal dialog of distracting thoughts.

Even if you already feel connected to a greater source and are working on building the life you want – if you haven’t addressed the underlying belief systems chances are that old patterns will creep back in. Or that you will develop new ones that aren’t the ones you’ve hoped for. Many of my clients combine the Self Mastery practices with other techniques with great success.

What is making your mind loud and unfocused?  It’s the belief system of thoughts and emotions continually arising.  The thoughts and emotional reactions are symptoms of a belief system. 

If you have been trying to change the symptoms without addressing the cause then you have likely ended up frustrated and feeling like a failure. These are the emotions that your belief system generate as well. 

It is by putting your attention on those belief systems, with a skillful approach, and a system of techniques, that allows you to effectively change those thoughts and emotions. The Self Mastery Course is the most complete system for changing those beliefs. I guarantee it. 

"In my early 20’s I began seeking relief from anxiety and depression. Over two decades, I tried a myriad of modalities. Nothing has been as effective as what I have found in Gary's Self Mastery Course. Over the last 6 months, I have completed Self-Mastery I and have started Self-Mastery II. The exercises and practices are the best tools I’ve ever encountered to dismantle negative thinking while uncovering and cultivating the love within.

As in any job, one needs effective tools, and one must put them to use. This program is not about reading and passively watching videos, one has to do the practices and exercises to see results. It’s not always easy to look within and do this work, but for those who persist, the prize of inner peace is definitely attainable. My M.O. has shifted from low grade anxiety and depression to a foundation of peace, gratitude, and happiness.

When I brush up against negative thoughts and the misery they create, I am able to experience detached awareness, do some searching, use the tools, and move on from the old thinking pattern. I always feel my heart expand after such an experience. What used to sink me has now become a catalyst and opportunity for more growth. There’s a plethora of lessons, podcasts, and videos and all are to the point, and suffused with a profoundly healing heart and intelligence. I’m so grateful, it brings me to tears sometimes."
/ Haley T

A personal note

I’m Gary van Warmerdam and I’ve been doing Self Mastery work since 1994. I’ve been teaching and sharing for 20 years. I continue to learn and get better, both in my life practice, and in the toolbox of coaching and teaching skills. The changes in my life have been amazing. This is the love, awareness, peace, and gratitude that I longed for. What motivates me is that I want others to have the experience of life they long for as well.

I’m excited to share in this upgraded Self Mastery Course because I know the results it delivers to those that practice. You develop your consciousness which moves you to changes so much faster than a person who is just working with their intellect or will power. I look forward to having you join us on this journey. lincoln gets strapped face up and sucked. ultra hot brunette teenie facialized.

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