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with Gary van Warmerdam

Self Mastery Academy

Be in charge of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors

Change the beliefs that drive them,
with the most complete approach there is

It used to be that only my personal coaching clients got the guidance to efficiently work through their resistance to changing beliefs. Now you can get my insights, shortcuts and advanced practices I use to guide my individual clients.  

Introducing the online course:

Self Mastery Academy

Develop the skills you need to change your beliefs using the most comprehensive system there is.

In the Self Mastery lessons you get the tools. In the Academy Course I show you how to use the right tool, at the right time in the best way for maximum results. I’m taking what I’ve been coaching for 20 years with satisfied clients and sharing it with you in live video classes. 

I will be answering your questions, walking you through the practices past the resistance I get my individual coaching clients through. You can put aside that fear of the process failing you because you didn’t have all the resources you needed. 

If you have taken the Self Mastery Course before you will have guidance to work through obstacles and resistance you may have struggled with. If you liked your results from the first round, this is a chance to deepen your skills and be introduced to more advanced practices. 

If you haven’t taken the course yet, then this is an ideal opportunity to streamline through all the questions, and avoid any wasteful pitfalls.  

/Gary van Warmerdam

This course is the first of it’s kind that:

  • Combines the skill building practices you need to effectively change beliefs.
  • Addresses the resistance with understanding why it’s there and how to move past it.
  • Elevates your consciousness so you can think in new ways that create new solutions.
  • Develops your emotional skills so that you can stay conscious, present and effective.
  • Provides a system of organization so you don’t get overwhelmed, and can get to deeper understanding and change. 
  • Offers live video classes to get your questions answered and keep you moving forward. 
  • Uses the benefits of the community network for accelerated learning and support.

Self Mastery Academy Format

The course consists of the 10 lessons from the Self Mastery 1 Course, plus video explanations and examples to follow up. In addition there are now guided meditations with each lesson.  Work on the assignment, have discoveries, run into your resistance challenges and post them in the group for feedback and suggestions. The live support coaching class will then provide guidance, meditations, and answer your questions about your process and specific challenges. We expect resistance to changing beliefs and we will move through them together. There will be time for answering questions, clarifying the process and integrating practices together. In these live classes you will also get guided through deeper explorations of your belief system with adanced practices I use with my coaching clients.

(Scroll to your right to get a peak at the journey through the lessons >>>>)

Lesson 5: Perspective
With guidance and meditation on how to relax. Relaxation shifts the brain out of beta-brainwaves so it can learn and build other neural pathways.
Week 2
Lesson 6: Acceptance
Supporting lesson on recovering personal power. Emphasis on gaining more personal power by not wasting it on needless reactions.
Week 4
Lesson 7: Characters
Mapping your Internal dialog of thoughts. Identifying habitual routines of thoughts and emotions as -sub-personalities. Additional support lesson on monitoring your Attention.
Week 6
Lesson 8: Trigger Words
Designed to bring your attention to the first link in a chain reaction so you can shift out of a spiral before much emotion has been created. Added support lesson for recovering personal power by freeing you from the energy lost in emotional opinions.
Week 8
Lesson 9: Emotions
How to release emotions in a healthy way. No more need to suppress, or repress them out of fear. Discover how you can consciously create the emotions you choose. Support lesson on creating and feeling gratitude regularly.
Week 10
Lesson 10 Archetypes
Awareness of the major parts of your personality that create the most emotions of drama. This prioritizes your focus so you can most efficiently get change by leveraging these key belief and behavior patterns.
Week 12
Lesson 11 Core Beliefs
Learning to drill down past the surface thoughts and associations. How to map and chart these layers so you don't have your attention distracted from bringing the sub-conscious beliefs into your awareness.
Week 14
Lesson 12: Illusions of Power
This understanding of how emotions are created gives you freedom from wasting energy trying to make everyone else happy, or feeling bad when they are not.
Week 16
Lesson 13: Forgiveness
Bringing together multiple elements from previous lessons to release the story, emotions, and thoughts that hang around us as baggage.
Week 18
Lesson 14: Silent Mind
Having freed up space in your mind, you are introduced to guiding your attention into peace, quiet, and pleasure that is possible when the mind is quiet.
Week 20
Week 1
Video Class - Perspective
The narrative story and breaking free of the "I" and "me" aspects of the ego. Guided movement of attention and perspective into the observer and towards the authentic self in a practical way.
Week 3
Video Class - Acceptance
You can create massive changes with little effort by refraining from the running around, actions that go nowhere, or into self-judgment loops. Deepening the process with a meditation on refraining.
Week 5
Video Class - Characters
Understanding internal conflicts and observing the unconscious. Designed to create a feeling of relief as you realize - it's your mind creating the emotional dramas and not you.
Week 7
Video Class - Trigger Words
How to track the associations in the mind to find the first emotional domino to fall that leads into spiraling out of control. Understanding why these are the signals to look for will help you find them.
Week 9
Video Class - Emotions
Gain personal power back to be in charge of emotions instead of taken over. Insights on the beliefs that act as guardians of these emotions and how to be present with them. Guided meditation on releasing emotions.
Week 11
Video Class: Archetypes
Understanding why your mind is doing what it is doing. Breaking the core patterns of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors by awareness shifting your perspective out of old habits. Accelerating change by addressing large patterns instead of individual reactions.
Week 13
Video Class - Core Beliefs
Tutorial on unpacking the layers of embedded and hidden beliefs in the narratives. Unconscious beliefs pre-loaded with emotions, assumptions, and meaning are revealed. This is when you are really pulling back the unconscious layers.
Week 15
VideoClass: Illusions of Power
Breaking free from the shame, guilt, judgments, and emotions projected by others. Finding the line of emotional responsibility between you and others.
Week 17
Video Class: Forgiveness
A master class in letting go of old baggage.
Week 19
Video Class: Silent Mind
There will be some old patterns still to break. At this point you have a basic tool box with which to dismantle the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors causing drama in your life. It's time to practice. And use the personal power you have recovered to build a new inner world of enjoyment with a sense of possibility.

 Birds fly more efficiently in a flock when working together.
You will discover the benefits for yourself as read and post in the community.

Still not sure what you’re signing up for? Meet the Money Back Guarantee.

The Self Mastery Academy is the most comprehensive approach to changing beliefs that drive your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. I guarantee that if you work these practices you will experience changes in how you feel and think. With the Self Mastery Academy toolset and sufficient time to practice, you can change those thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns. 

If you work these practices in earnest, and realize developing these skills is not for you, email me within 30 days of course start, with copies of the written work you have completed and you’ll get a full refund. The requirement for copies of your writing is because results are dependent on your actions, as much as it is dependent on having a good course to follow. 

Join the Self Mastery Academy

Included in the course packages with Live Coaching Classes

Total value of 8,000 USD (if you hired Gary 1 on 1 for his expertise.)
 Live classes will be on different days and times for convenience of subscribes worldwide

Self Mastery Course - Self Study

NO Live Coaching Support Classes


one-time payment

Self Mastery Course 1 Lessons
Community forums and contact

Self Mastery Academy Bundle

With 5 months Live Group Coaching Support


one-time payment

Includes Self Mastery 1 Course
Community forums and contact
5 months weekly group coaching support
Watch the videos replay at your convenience

Questions my clients ask before becoming my students

(And then go on to get big changes to their inner world)

  1. Many people’s experience of changing beliefs has been that it was hard, and they probably got frustrated and gave up.  It ends up that way because they didn’t have a good system of techniques, and didn’t develop needed skills. Without skills and a system you are left battling your mind with will power and your intellect which isn’t enough.  
  2.  Changing beliefs is actually straightforward when you combine several skills correctly. There are practices to gain control over your attention, perspective, and emotions etc. You also need a map for how and when to apply the different techniques. Without those skills and map you will become confused, go the wrong direction, or apply the wrong technique in the wrong place. The result is failure, frustration, and usually self judgment about failing. 
  3. Learning to play a game was difficult when you didn’t know how. If you didn’t know the rules, you would be confused looking at the board. A skilled person could easily defeat you. If you were skilled at a game, any game, like a video game, checkers, or monopoly, and a new person showed up. You could easily beat them. This is how your belief system makes things hard until you learn the rules of the game, and the skills to play it.
  4. About it being “hard”  What I found really hard was to continue to live in the same emotional cycles, and negative self judgment loops in my mind. That was not only hard, but painful. For me, changing beliefs was hard, but not changing them, was much harder in the long run.   

Emotions are created because your mind interpreted an event to mean a certain thing. These are automatic and done by your unconscious beliefs. Emotional reactions are created by your belief system. Yes, there are different sources of emotions but most reactions are from these belief systems. The second major source of these emotions are from unprocessed memories and emotions. Bot of these sources of emotion can be addressed using the skills learned in the Self Mastery Program. 

I regularly have clients who have this fear. They are always surprised, and relieved to realize they are not a terrible person. They realize they had a strong emotional belief that the are a terrible person and didn’t have a strong sense of identity separate from this belief. It effectively hypnotized them. 

The “terrible person” was just a false image of themselves that they believed was them. 

What I can tell you is that if you have a fear of being a “terrible person”, then you have a desire to NOT be a terrible person. Your desire to “not be terrible” is evidence of a good moral person inside you as well.  Beyond that false belief image, they discover a really great person. These shifts in beliefs, emotions of fear, and identity, are all skills you learn in the Self Mastery Course.


It is very common for my clients to have gotten overwhelmed in their attempts before they had a system and developed skills. That’s why the Self Mastery program is spaced over 20 weeks. Longer if you count the 4 free lessons of the Self Mastery Introductory Course. It takes a few weeks and repetitions to build a strong neural pathway that becomes automatic. 

It is these new neural pathways that you will be building through exercises so you gain control of your attention and perspective. The exercises you will be practicing will also give you skills to process your emotions and release them in a healthy way. This way emotions don’t build up and overwhelm you. 

With the Academy coaching classes to guide you even more efficiently we can pinpoint what happens in the “overwhelm” cycle and address it. This is why I say that The Self Mastery Academy is the most comprehensive training system for changing your beliefs. 

I developed it by working with people who had tried and failed due to things like “overwhelm” in their other approaches. 

The skills you learn in the Self Mastery Academy will do better than teaching you to stop your emotions. You will learn healthy ways to process and release your emotions so that you don’t have to avoid, fear, or repress them.  You need emotions. Turning them off is like numbing out. Often that leads to not caring about things, and can cascade to depression. 

Healthy movement of your emotions through your body without believing your thoughts isn’t learned while growing up. This is one of the major skills I realized my individual clients were lacking. When I recently improved the Self Mastery Course I included an extra exercise on releasing emotions. 

What we learned was to repress them until the pressure built up and we vented. Another problem loop we get into is we believe what we think in those emotional moments, thereby reinforcing those emotional beliefs. This often involves judgment or blame.  In the Self Mastery exercises you will learn skills to avoid these automatic responses. In the Academy classes you will get guided instruction on exactly where and how to apply these release practices. 


“What we put our attention on grows”, is one of those self-help myths.  It’s not that simple. If we put our attention on an idea and accept it as true, it becomes a belief and grows.  However, if we put our attention on a belief, and are skeptical, it becomes less powerful and can dissolve out of our mind. It’s not just that you put your attention on something, it matters what you do with your attention, and action. Do you believe it or are you doubtful and skeptical?  

You can put your attention on your emotion, and it can take you for a spiraling ride til you feel out of control. This is what happens when you don’t have skillful control over your attention. In the Self Mastery course you will learn control over your attention. 

Yes. How can we address everyone’s obstacles in a class?  The questions and resistance points you have, are likely to be the same for a third of the group. By the time we cover 3-5 of the main resistance points most everyone’s issues will be covered. As signups increase, we will add more classes in order to answer more individual questions. 

There are also benefits from a group process. You might have some feeling of angst, but it isn’t clear and you haven’t articulated the issue yet. Another person will ask a question that articulates and clarifies your angst before you even understood it. This gives you faster clarity and relief about an issue, and answer you didn’t know you were looking for. This is one of the reasons learning happens faster in a group process.

Birds fly more efficiently and effortlessly in a flock when working together and that’s what you will be taking advantage of. 

Still not sure if this course is for you?

Let me help you by clarifying who I had in mind creating this course:

It’s been 15 years since I first set up the Self Mastery Course. Some people got far more benefit than I had hoped and want to go further. Some people struggled and didn’t get all the results they wanted. They couldn’t see the hidden beliefs that caused them to sabotage, procrastinate, get confused, or put the process aside.  These are the common obstacles that I can address in the Coaching Support Classes. I want everyone to get what the best students have achieved in freedom from their limiting beliefs and Judge and Victim emotions. 

I’ve worked with individual clients and helped them work through the common obstacles that sabotaged their progress so they could get results. I know these same insights, techniques and practices will help everyone. Sometimes it is a small tweaking of the practice that their mind has misinterpreted. Sometimes it’s just some encouragement. Sometimes it is a deep belief and I guide them through to release a couple layers of emotions to find that core lie about themselves, and see it as untrue. 

When you see this process work for other people this way, you will gain more faith that the practices will work for you also and stay with the motivation to get yourself over the tough spots. 

You’ve done the free introductory lessons but aren’t sure if the Self Mastery Course will help you with your issue. Here’s what one of my subscribers wrote me: 

“What I find with the belief work Gary gives is that it checks all the boxes in the sense that if I have an inner issue, a triggering thought, emotion or outside event, I feel that I always have the tools to do something  with it. I am not left in the dark with vague spiritual statements without something practical to apply.

 I notice that after I write about something and examine it, with the techniques Gary suggests, when it comes up again I can MUCH easier shift my attention to something else. Then the emotional work of release is very important. I did not give as much emphasis on how important it is. I realized that in our coaching calls.
The combination of  the different tools is awesome and I bet everyone takes something different from it. I find some tools I use more and some less but I know I can try those tools later. One of the best things is you can take the belief work to resistance about the belief work. The fact that you mention how to deal with resistance is important and you have answers to a lot of resistance that can come up. – Daniel M. 
Daniel is now on the other side of his depression and anxiety. He is enjoying his mind and emotions in a way he couldn’t even imagine before. 

The challenge in mindfulness meditation, or other modalities, is that the thoughts and emotions are continually distracting and interfere. The Self Mastery approach is a fast way to remove the beliefs generating the internal dialog of distracting thoughts.

If you haven’t addressed the underlying belief systems chances are that old patterns will creep back in. Many of my clients combine the Self Mastery practices with other techniques with great success.

What is making your mind loud and unfocused?  Sometimes it’s called the “monkey mind.” It’s the belief system of thoughts and emotions continually arising.  The thoughts and emotional reactions are symptoms of a belief system. 

If you have been trying to change the thoughts and emotions without addressing the cause then you have likely ended up frustrated and feeling like a failure. Feeling like a failure are thoughts and emotions that your belief system generate as well. 

It is by putting your attention on those belief systems, with a skillful attention and skepticism learned in the Self Master practices that allow you to change those thoughts and emotions. The Self Mastery Course, supported with Live coaching Classes is the most complete system for changing those beliefs. I guarantee it. 

Self Mastery Course with Live Coaching Support

Included in all course packages

Total value of over $5,000 USD (if you hired Gary personally for all this instruction)

Self Mastery Course - ONLY

Does not include live coaching supoort classes


one-time payment

Self Mastery Course 1 Lessons
Community access and sharing
Weekly live Coaching Support

Self Mastery Academy

Self Mastery Course 1 with 5 months of live group coaching support


one-time payment

Self Mastery Course 1
Community access and sharing
5 months weekly Q and A support calls. ($500 value)
Watch the video replay at your convenience.
"I went from deep suffering depression to experiencing mostly fun and joy, and also knowing I can handle any negative thoughts and emotions that come up, and that is really worth it to me. The Self Mastery work checks all the boxes. If I have a triggering thought or emotion I know and feel that I have the tools to do something with it. I am not left in the dark with vague spiritual like statements or principles. I have techniques and skills to apply and something to practice."
Daniel Moor
"In my early 20’s I began seeking relief from anxiety and depression. Over two decades, I tried a myriad of modalities. Nothing has been as effective as what I have found in Gary's Self Mastery Course. Over the last 6 months, I have completed Self-Mastery I and have started Self-Mastery II. The exercises and practices are the best tools I’ve ever encountered to dismantle negative thinking while uncovering and cultivating the love within.

As in any job, one needs effective tools, and one must put them to use. This program is not about reading and passively watching videos, one has to do the practices and exercises to see results. It’s not always easy to look within and do this work, but for those who persist, the prize of inner peace is definitely attainable. My M.O. has shifted from low grade anxiety and depression to a foundation of peace, gratitude, and happiness.

When I brush up against negative thoughts and the misery they create, I am able to experience detached awareness, do some searching, use the tools, and move on from the old thinking pattern. I always feel my heart expand after such an experience. What used to sink me has now become a catalyst and opportunity for more growth. There’s a plethora of lessons, podcasts, and videos and all are to the point, and suffused with a profoundly healing heart and intelligence. I’m so grateful, it brings me to tears sometimes."
/ Haley T

A personal note

I am Gary van Warmerdam and I’ve been doing Self Mastery work since 1994. I’ve been teaching and sharing for 20 years. I continue to learn and get better, both in my life practice, and in the toolbox of coaching and teaching skills. The changes in my life have been amazing. This is the love, awareness, peace, and gratitude that I longed for when I started from that state of misery and unhappiness. What motivates me is that I want others to have the experience of life they long for as well.

There is something that happens when I work with clients live, on the phone or in video. Something comes alive for me, and for them. There is a vibrant transmission of consciousness. It’s more than just getting information. You can absorb and feel the consciousness packaged in the emotion and meaning of the information. I know this happened to me with my mentor, and great teachers I came in contact with, even if I didn’t perceive it in the beginning. They were altering my conscious awareness with their presence.

I’m excited to share in this format because I get to work with a group of people, and that amplifies the effect. You absorb a deeper connection that shifts your consciousness and moves you to changes so much faster than working on your own. I look forward to having you join us on this journey. lincoln gets strapped face up and sucked. ultra hot brunette teenie facialized.

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