Zion Schedule

About the Journey and Schedule for the Event

A few things about the upcoming journey to Zion. The following is the plan. Which, like any river or life, is subject to change.

The journey through Zion Park is an exploration of landscape, history, beauty, and transformation. At the same time we will use the opportunity to explore our own internal landscape, of history, beauty, transformation, and places where we are stuck. In each area of the park we will incorporate processes of mindfulness, meditation, ceremony, common sense, skepticism, forgiveness, and love to detach from the places we are stuck, and move our self forward on our inward journey towards love and happiness.

You may find that opportunities for new perspectives in this landscape are many. Epiphanies may come in a meditation in an extraordinary place of beauty within the park. They might also come in a dream, or from a comment the waitress makes at a restaurant. Paying attention, being aware, and following your instinct will help you navigate the external terrain, as well as the interior.


Approximate Schedule

Wednesday Evening – Introduction and Intent
Expected start time will be 7:00 pm. That should give people time to arrive, get settled, and even a chance to eat. I will be staying at the Bumbleberry Hotel about 1 mile from the entrance to Zion. Class will the meeting room off the lobby.

spiritual journey zion national park utah
We will have lunch at the lodge in the park. The lodge has fast food counter service downstairs and a reasonably priced restaurant upstairs with a healthier menu. This will be the preferred place to eat as we can sit outside on the patio amidst the park scenery good weather provided.


Sample of Hikes we will be doing

A 3-4 mile hike slight grade up about 350 feet to the emerald pools.
We should finish in the 4-5 pm time frame. That will leave enough time for you to explore on your own inwardly, or elsewhere in the park. For those that would like, we can have dinner together at a restaurant in town.


Hike Hidden Canyon
This is considered a strenuous hike because it is steep in places however it is only 2 miles round trip. The elevation rises 850 feet. We can take our time. We are not in a hurry. It is an interesting hike because the trail has a sheer drop off in places. You only need do what you are comfortable with. For some it will be a chance to challenge their fears perhaps. For some those fears will be in the form of finding the courage to say no to peer pressure, this is far enough for today.


Riverside Walk Trail
It is a fairly flat and mostly paved trail along the river. (2 miles round trip.) I would expect to finish around 4-5 pm again with time on your own for the evening for your individual process.

For those that wish, we can gather together for dinner again in the evening.


We will probably leave the hotel by car at 8 am to Canyon Overlook trail. This is because parking there is very limited. It is about a 1 mile hike rising a total of 200 feet. We wills stop for a meditation along the way. The location provides a spectacular view of Zion from the top of the cliffs.

When the official retreat program ends you will be back to your cars before noon so some people can catch early flights. For those that remain for a while we generally have lunch together. Then I hike Angels Landing, a spectacular hike. This hike is not part of the program. It’s just for fun and adventure and people are welcome to join me.

This site has more detailed descriptions of some of the hikes.


The temperature might be in the 40’s or 50’s when we start in the morning. It can rise up to be in the 70’s or 80’s if we are in the sun. However much of our time will be spent on the Canyon floor which is shaded by the canyon walls, so it can also be cool and breezy. It appears that there may be a chance of showers as well. My suggestion is that you wear a hat, and protection from the sun. You also wear a layer or two that you can shed as the day heats up, and put on again if the wind picks up and we are in the shade. To check the weather look up weather for Springdale Utah.


Carry and drink water
Because the schedule allows us to take a break for lunch during the day, there is not a big need to carry snacks with the exception of the Angels Landing hike. You are welcome to do so. Do what you need to do to take care of your body. That is most important.


I am not a mind reader
I’m also not omnipotent. My attention will also be on many things going on with the group. I won’t necessarily know what each person’s emotional or physical needs are, so speak up. Any idea that you have that, “I should know something” is an assumption. Let me, or someone else know if you need a hand, have to take a break, or just a hug. You will find that we are more in this together, than apart.

I am there in service for those couple days. Take advantage of it. Get curious, ask questions. Sometimes just to ask for what you want breaks a lot of old habits that keep us trapped in limitations we created.

We generally have breakfast and dinner together as a group at the local restaurants for those that wish. The social element adds to the camaraderie and pleasure of the journey. Who knows,,, you might even discover that you like some people. However it is optional. We respect each person’s wish to have their personal time on their journey as well.