The Spiritual Journey to Zion Feedback

Responses from some people that attended the Spiritual Journey Retreat to Zion National Park.

Hey Gary & Leo, yes I guess I was the quiet one, but I was just trying to take it all in & you can’t do that, with your mouth running. lol!

Does anyone feel like they are forgetting something when they leave the house or are out somewhere?

I was wondering if someone was having the same experience after they got back like I did. Every morning after I got back for almost 2 weeks. I’d get ready for work or (anywhere it didn’t matter) & start to head out the door & it was a very strong feeling that I was forgetting something.

I finally figured it out.

Everyday I had gone to a job that I really didn’t much like, because of the stories & feelings I had carried. They were not there anymore. Stories about how things would go in general once I left my house. I held onto these so much, that it felt like I was really forgetting something. I was arming myself every time I walked out the door…

That’s my story of what I was missing.

Take care of yourselves!

What an amazing feeling, experiencing the beauty and awe of Zion, and meeting all of you lovable people, whom I can truly say feel like family!
I am having a hard time describing my emotions, just a feeling of being filled up and very in touch with my spirit. I purposely had no expectations in my head of this trip, although I was a slight bit nervous about what might be expected of me…such as revealing my inner self to strangers…but I must say that you all made this trip a beautiful experience inside and out! Thank you for sharing you selves!! This experience gave me a glimpse of what I would like my dream of life to be. Molly

You guys are all awesome! My son asked me what I did this past weekend and I told him I loved.(period) And that is what exactly happened, not just my husband, but all you wonderful people who shared your stories and journey with me. I’m so happy you were there and became a part of my life for this experience. I’m not big on expressing myself with pretty words,but I am an emotional being and ALL your art was breathtaking and inspiring. Thank you again Gary and Leo….it was an awesome ride…I’m glad I bought a ticket :) Arlene

Hi Gary and Leo,

Question: How do I get this “shit eatin grin” off of my face?

More to follow,


P.S. – Question was rhetorical, if you give me an answer I will not give it my attention because I like the feeling I get with this grin.

Dear Gary,

Thanks you. The workshop was fantastic. It was a pleasure to meet you and the other participants. I especially appreciated your being open to my call and email questions about the workshop ahead of time. Your openness and the openness of your website says a lot.

I imagine that if I wrote tomorrow about what I got out of the workshop, it would be different than what i write today, because I am getting things out of the workshop in an ongoing way.

What strikes me now is that perhaps my understanding of power has changed.

While I do have a rather amazing story of a medicine man working on me (in my mind’s eye) at the Upper Pool before you and I looked at the waterfall together, the main thing may be that I feel less enamored of having amazing things happen to me, and much more aware of the power of love.

As I think you are aware, more than once, I felt intense thumps, pulsing (changing?) in my heart and felt much love and much calm. This feeling of freedom and love knocked out the feelings or worry about career, etc. All that seems like the role of a character, not me, although I am still drawn to making art and showing it…but – maybe i am more drawn to enjoying and changing.

I feel much calmer and happier; I can see my thoughts better and recognize the characters (voices) in my head better and just let them fade away. I feel stronger to address things as they come up – and have noticed my responses to things has shifted – things that would have taken me into worrying – I now feel more in the moment. My assistant at work, said, “What happened to you? You seem so Zen!”