What is next for you after reading MindWorks by Gary van Warmerdam


Thanks for reading my book and finding it valuable enough for your personal growth and development that you have decided to take the next steps. 

There is so much more to the personal inner journey than I could put in the pages of MindWorks. I’m thinking you sensed it too and that is why you are here, to make changes in those layers of emotions and beliefs that you haven’t been able to get to before. 

If you are wanting to accelerate your personal changes, then we have the courses that can guide you to the changes you want. And if you just want to kick the tires and check things out a bit more, there is room for that too. Below you will find some clear direction on where to go next for whatever you are looking for. 

If you are ready to deeper, then the online Self Mastery Courses are your next step. 

Some of the exercises were introduced to you in MindWorks, but not all of them. The audios, videos, guided meditations, podcasts, and supporting content will give you a deeper understanding of the journey and how to navigate it.

The courses are located on our Self Mastery Community site where you will find other people with like-minded motivations to transform their inner world of beliefs. It’s an amazing group of very accepting and compassionate people supporting each other’s journey of change. 

The community of support is also immensely valuable as your beliefs about doing this “alone” or being “the only one with these issues” will break rather quickly.  

The Awareness and Consciousness Podcast

These long-form insights, conversations with clients, and sometimes punched with laughter, cover many topics. Faith, emotions, anger, consciousness, beliefs, feelings of not being good enough, etc.  And, interviews with some clients that have transcended these emotional drama patterns in their life. You can check out the podcasts on on this site here

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